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wow Phil, thank good you don't have any agendas or else you'd really be pissed.   I have spent a day @ Metedeconk with Eric and yes, I even spent the 24$+/- on the lowest score wins. It's not a bad thing to see other perspectives.    I thought most players w/ a plus handicap were hmmm, what's that word???...oh yeah, I've found it.....Pompous....glad you didn't disappoint me.
I got the book and started reading it. I like the concept of not putting a golfer into a "BOX"....Everyone has their own swing, flat,loopy,upright, feet still, feet active,long backswing, short backswing, etc...etc..The author goes on to show a myriad of different golfers with different swings,all making tons of money and collecting big time hardware.His point being that understanding clubface and path are very important factors to scoring. Most of us practice wrong. We...
DAve, you say you're in match play. What's your opponents handicap?   you're down 4 after 6 holes......   what holes are you stroking on(holes 7 thru 18)...?   I play match play 80-90% of the time within 2 clubs that I play in, When I'm getting strokes, the holes that I'm getting them on I feel I MUST WIN THOSE HOLES, at worst a PUSH..   when I'm giving strokes, the holes that my opponent are receiving strokes, I feel I need to PUSH those holes , if I win those...
I'm 57...I'm not sure at my age I can make a substantial increase in fast twitch muscle speed relating to golf or any other sport.(I've done the Ironman competition a number of times, since 1988. Now if I really want to work on swim speed, I can only reach a certain plateau). I've used those 3 swing sticks that have been discussed in another forum, But swinging fast indoors on a simulator vs swinging on the first tee during a competition are two different animals.I guess...
first of all, get your land legs back....you're probably swaying all the time. take the patch off so you can see outta both eyes....and stop using the words fore and aft on the golf course
with the different golf carts at different golf courses, it's hard trying to have a "one fits all".....   I love those covers that I played with on Rum Point in Ocean City...they were really rugged ....!
My overused golfsmith golf cart cover is finially coming to it's end of the line. I'm looking for a better replacement. Anyone have any ideas or recommendations?...Thanks Sinn
I wonder who on the pro tour uses aim point...?
I like the Brig...just not in July when we have a 2 day tournament there...the GREEN HEADS are terrible !... The 24 hr simulator is up aways from you..! exit 135 off the GSP...google the "GOLFCAVE"....I've been investing a lot of time there since Jan....Like I stated, the 95 was not indicative on how I swing the club....I worked all winter on not hooding my face and making a better back swing(fuller)...
I discovered some magic pills on ebay to get me into the single digits...so far I'm not quite there but I see these colors I never saw before!
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