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It doesn't matter what the temp outside...I get my balls broken all the time at home
I've been fitted for my clubs, G-25's, not on a simulator with all the techno info, but outside, in a range with crappy mats. Although I am hitting my irons well, I'm striking the ball near the heel, or at least inside of the sweet spot. I'm working on my grip this winter and I feel I'm making a good pass through the ball but any ideas how I can strike it closer to center?(this is happening w/ my woods and hybrids as well)
I made the switch from Mizuno back to Ping last year.I have the G-25's and love them, especially their hybrids( I have a 23 and 27 degree). There easy to hit, get the ball flight higher and love the feel of them.
I can understand what you're trying to accomplish...As with me, I want a faster swing speed(95-100mph), with a better launch degree then last year, but most important I want to see my smash factor consistently 1.4. I swing the super speed sticks everyday, ramping my speed up but staying with very good form...time will tell !
My elation was short lived...seems the only consistency I have is being inconsistent.I was at the indoor simulator the other day,maybe it was the way I slept, my mood,whatever other shit that goes on in ones life....but my swing,tempo,body turn just wasn't there. I averaged 240+/- yards, my mishits were just terrible and my swing speed could not get near 100 mph, more like 93+/-. When I tried to swing fast I was all over the place. But put that all aside, what I am really...
I've been swing the super speed golf clubs every day now for a week. Went to the simulator this morning and my driver speed was in the average of 100-105 mph range...my distance average shot up from the 230+/- yards to the 255+/- yards .. I also changed my settings on my calloway driver( I have a 13 degree, dropped it -1 degree.(last year with at least 3 drivers I had a launch angle around 7-9...now I average 11-12...im really try to coil and swing "thru" the ball.)
Well,I tried swing my new  SUPER SPEED GOLF clubs today @ work....I couldn't swing in the kneeling position but I tried the regular standing/ step forward swings... I will say my first time swinging the clubs that I was somewhat conservative...I will try again tomorrow @ home in the yard without worrying if I'm going to hit anything...just have to put with my SO and her running commentary about if I don't have it by 56 I'm never gonna get ...... RIGHTSIDE:              ...
Just received my swing speed clubs and swing radar....I plan on using the protocol training system for this month and all of Feb. My first golf tourny is March 7. Living in NJ, I'm thankful I have access to a 24 hr indoor driving simulator with all the bells and whistles regarding swing speed/launch monitor/spin rates/ distance/ etc....Hopefully I can re-find my drive this year. Last year was so pitiful.Hopefully THIS INVESTMENT will be worth it.!
 easy tiger......just joking with ya.....
I have TWO questions Mike....   1: you said "If you want to hit it farther without changing your swing, have a positive angle of attack with your driver."...​Can you explain this to me, I'm having a hard time trying to visualize this tactic.....Thanks...   2:......who uses the phrase "dope thread" anymore ....
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