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first of all, get your land legs back....you're probably swaying all the time. take the patch off so you can see outta both eyes....and stop using the words fore and aft on the golf course
with the different golf carts at different golf courses, it's hard trying to have a "one fits all".....   I love those covers that I played with on Rum Point in Ocean City...they were really rugged ....!
My overused golfsmith golf cart cover is finially coming to it's end of the line. I'm looking for a better replacement. Anyone have any ideas or recommendations?...Thanks Sinn
I wonder who on the pro tour uses aim point...?
I like the Brig...just not in July when we have a 2 day tournament there...the GREEN HEADS are terrible !... The 24 hr simulator is up aways from you..! exit 135 off the GSP...google the "GOLFCAVE"....I've been investing a lot of time there since Jan....Like I stated, the 95 was not indicative on how I swing the club....I worked all winter on not hooding my face and making a better back swing(fuller)...
I discovered some magic pills on ebay to get me into the single digits...so far I'm not quite there but I see these colors I never saw before!
I played Brigantine GC in AC this past Sunday...cart path only, and for the first time I saw they used mini pins !(flag sticks)   Fairways were terrible, they shouldn't have even been open to play, but I guess they were desperate for the money...I see some Monmouth county courses are opening this week(NJ) but now with the advent of possible snow on Friday, I'll see if they will shut it back down. Thank goodness I found an indoor simulator that is open 24 hrs about a 1/2...
It doesn't matter what the temp outside...I get my balls broken all the time at home
I've been fitted for my clubs, G-25's, not on a simulator with all the techno info, but outside, in a range with crappy mats. Although I am hitting my irons well, I'm striking the ball near the heel, or at least inside of the sweet spot. I'm working on my grip this winter and I feel I'm making a good pass through the ball but any ideas how I can strike it closer to center?(this is happening w/ my woods and hybrids as well)
I made the switch from Mizuno back to Ping last year.I have the G-25's and love them, especially their hybrids( I have a 23 and 27 degree). There easy to hit, get the ball flight higher and love the feel of them.
New Posts  All Forums: