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Been using the multi-compound grips for awhile on my irons and I've really liked them. I'll be re-gripping my hybrid soon and was wondering if anyone has experience with the white multi-compounds getting dirty/dingy looking. And feel free to share your favorite grips or another I should check out. I'm open to something with just a little less grip or a little more feel. Thanks 
Hey everyone,    I'm in the market for replacing nearly my entire set (irons-fairway woods) and I need some advice on shaft flex.  I'm 5'7" so standard shaft lengths have be shortened to fit me. I understand that shortening shafts affects shaft flex so is it worth getting a more flexible shaft with intent to shorten it? (shafting clubs with senior flex to achieve regular flex once their shortened). Maybe I'm over thinking it...
Thanks mvmac for the review link. That's probably the least sugar coated review I've read on the apex irons. I think the stronger lofts will suit my game because I typically hit the ball high.
Hello everyone,   First post here on the sand trap, been reading here for awhile and have got some great tips.    I'm in the market for new irons and I've narrowed it down to three. Callaway Apex, Titleist AP1 and Taylor made speed blade.  I'd appreciate any opinions/differences between these three options, either personal or just golf course buzz. Thanks
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