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Phew this is a normal thing. This was driving me a bit nutty.I never thought I could sucker someone in enough to be able to sell it for 6 times for what I bought it for.
I'm not looking to sell it. I'm looking for any information at all about the club. I haven't even been able to even find a picture of this club.
I'm assuming it is worth max $10. Is it weird not being able to find information on old clubs or is this a normal thing? I found two very close versions of this. Is this maybe a prototype of those? Maybe a customized version? Yamaha Secret X-101 Patent Pending 7 Fairway Wood F436 and Yamaha X300 Compression Carbon Composite Driver. Those look very similar this.
I have searched every kind of search you can imagine and I still can't find anything on this club. I have looked for the past few days for any information on this and I have still come up empty. The words on the club say Yamaha 4. H-204. 829606. Pure or sure sight. Hybrid Super. Anyone heard of this/know anything about it?
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