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I have a very good condition set of Ping ISI Irons for sale.  The 3-P are black dot and the SW is blue dot.  Stiff flex Z-Z65 shafts.  Shipping is $20.   I put new Golf Pride grips on them back in March and I've played 5 rounds with them since then on a 9-hole course, so they're hardly even broken in.   Nothing wrong with them.  I just got some nice used Titleists as an early Father's Day present and I don't need these anymore.   Thanks!   EDIT:  Oops!  Put the...
I find that balls are easier to spot at night with a bright flashlight than during the day.
That would make sense.  The 224 average on my Tour Burner is 17 yards less than my 241 average of 7 or 8 balls back in September with the same balls and same club.  I think temp was in the mid-70s that day.  Crossing my fingers that the 233 I got with my BiO Cell will translate to 250+ this summer.  That said, whether the distance ends up much different or not, the main thing is that my shot dispersion is much tighter with the BiO Cell than it ever was with the TB!
Ha!  I don't care who you are... that's funny right there.
The balls were out in my truck for a couple days and cold enough to only leave a ball mark about the size of a dime.  In the summer my ball marks on the face are a bit bigger than a nickel.
I got me a handy dandy Cobra Bio Cell for Christmas from my wonderfully thoughtful wife and I was finally able to get out for a few minutes to hit some balls today with my brother-in-law's little portable launch monitor.  I hit about 8 or 9 balls which ranged from 224 - 240 carry distance with an average of 233.2.  It was about 30 degrees out and I was hitting Bridgestone B300s.  Can anyone with more experience than I give a rough idea what those numbers might translate to...
I went today.  It was 38 degrees with a 15-20mph northerly wind.  Had the course all to myself.  Now if it wasn't for the damn leaves...
Please note, the sarcasm was only intended as hyperbole. 
 I'd tell her that golf is a serious business and if she's not going to dedicate herself fully to being the best golfer she can possibly be, then she needs to hang it up and take up knitting.  I would also tell her to stop horsing around with her friends on the course and spend some time alone out there so she can focus on what she's doing wrong and not be distracted by idle chatter.  I would sit down with her and schedule a regimen to develop her skills.  She needs to...
Jeez... what the hell did I start with this thread..lol
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