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My brother-in-law is legally blind.  But he is a 17 handicap.  Why?  Because the most important thing is developing consistency in your swing.  Kind of like shooting free throws.  Do it the same way every time.  All he has to do is make sure the ball is in front of his club at address and he's good to go.  You don't really make solid contact by seeing the impact anyway.  Impact happens in a few thousandths of a second and then the ball is gone.
For me, I like to go to the course about an hour before dark.  The manager doesn't care if you go out and hit around for free at that point if he knows you.  So I'll go out and practice various things for an hour or so 2 or 3 times a week.  Here is how my practice tends to break down over the course of say... a month (estimated, of course):   Driving - 5% Long irons/hybrids - 10% Mid irons - 20% Short irons/wedges (full swing, pitches, chips) - 40% Putting -...
These clubs are in great shape.  They have the expected scratches and dings on the sole through normal use, but they have tons of life left in them. Grooves are all deep and sharp across the whole set.  New Lamkin grips. Buyer pays actual shipping cost if international shipping or $15 standard shipping in USA.   Disregard the woods and putter in the pic... already sold them.
They're not Eye 2's.
Does anyone have any experience with Ping Eye irons as a relative beginner?  I've been golfing for 4 months and have whittled my handicap down to about 23.  My current irons are some Callaway X2 Hots copies and they're doing me very well to this point.  The only reason I ask is because I found a 3-S set in excellent condition on a Facebook group for $40.
Question: Has any European Ryder Cup player gotten his American citizenship and then represented the USA later?
Either way, Bubba has taken two major dumps in the last 2 Ryder Cups and I'm tired of seeing him on the team.  He can't handle pressure.
 THIS ^^^^^^^^ Bubba need not apply!  We need guys who can put from 20, not hit the ball 340 yards. 
I've only been playing 3 months and one of the first piece of advice I got from an old codger I met on the course was to just work on making a consistent swing.  Once the swing is consistent, just put a ball in the way and the actual contact becomes incidental to the swing.  I'm not there yet, but I am able to use the idea effectively because I've been using that as my guiding principle from day 1.
@vangator I think you're probably right.  Thinking about it now, I do think I swing a lot "looser" when I just wing it like that.  Particularly, my grip is likely looser and I'm definitely trying to kill it on those shots.  I guess that's why Arnold said, "Hit it hard, go find it and hit it hard again."
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