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@Dave, Golfingdad and Fourputt Thank you for clearing things up for me!
Are you sure about that?IMO the player must drop the ball at a spot, where full relief of the immovable obstruction is given.If he would have to stand on the same IO, from which he is taking relief, he would have to drop somewhere else.
But if I read rule 13-4 completely I will learn, that I may not touch the ground in the hazard, if...a ball that is in a hazard  or that, having been lifted from a hazard, may be dropped or placed in the hazard.... I think, the important point is not, that the ball has been lifted before recreating the lie, but  the words  »Except as provided in the Rules...«So the second part of your answer is more convincing for me:
Are You sure?The rule speaks of  a wrong "putting green".The definition for putting green doesn't mention a temporary green. Is a temporary green without a hole "prepared for putting"? I cannot find a decision to back up your statement. Have you got one? I only know golf clubs, which dececlare (by LR) prepared temporary greens, which are not in use as putting greens, as GRU, playing prohibited.This means, that - other than in rule 25-3 - you wouldn't be allowed to stnd on...
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