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I wanted to get a quicker round in today since I haven't played in a week, so I went over to Crooked Creek in Indy...just a 9-hole course and shot a 31 (which is par). I felt good all day, birdied the par 5 hole 5...chipping game was good, but totally messed one up that I could've eagled that par 5. It was my third time there and I enjoy it immensely...not too difficult, and definitely a fun course
I actually go by myself 95% of the time. My friends enjoy playing, but not as often as I do...so I go as often as I can and get a round in. Not that time is usually an issue, but it does go by faster
I actually like sand traps...it makes the game more fun as you have to strategize to not hit your ball in them...   But, hey that's me
That is kind of an easy one to remember, but I can see it slipping from a player's mind...but the caddy should be all over it
I would agree with aaronwright21, but really there's not a difference. I just usually "play it safe" when it comes to ordering clubs
Hey guys and gals...   I'm relatively new to the Indy area and looking for various courses to play at...I've been to a few (Brookeshire, Prairie View, Bearslide, Plum Creek) but looking for "different" courses. I know Crooked Creek on the northwest side is kinda newer and exceptional considering the price...especially good for a qiuck round. You guys have any other recommendations?
Dude, me too. The Cardinals have been playing rough but we can scrape in!   So my pre-season picks included the Rangers and Rays so this means nothing haha ALE - O's ALC - Tigers ALW - A's...I love Oakland, but would be picking Anaheim if Richards didn't JUST get hurt WC - Angels and Royals   NLE - Nats NLC - Cardinals NLW - Dodgers WC - Brewers and Pirates   So not much different from anyone else. These teams just seem to be destined for October
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