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OK, then I'm a jerk... there I confess it. Chella Choi should come clean and call herself the " cheat " that she is. The LPGA is becoming  a farce.   I'm sorry, sometimes the truth is ugly.
I could not agree more.  She willfully and blatantly cheated.  The LPGA has taken the " head in the sand " approach. As far as I know no journalist has taken the story on. This should be dealt with quickly, fairly and openly. Commish Whan... where is he ? Probably taking the " bucket " challenge !
Why has the LPGA not taken strong action in the Chella Choi Cheating Scandal ? They are using the " head in the sand "  method of wishing and hoping that the problem goes away.   While everyone is throwing ice water over their heads Choi willfully and blatantly cheated. The LPGA should attempt to be beyond reproach yet it seems no one is willing to take this issue on.  Shameful !
New Posts  All Forums: