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I am 6'11'' and can confirm that being taller doesn't mean you have an advantage. everybody thinks I should hammer that ball for miles with my height, but that's simply not the case although science says so. But without the right technic and accuracy at the ball, nothing happens. my irons have an extra 3 inch on them, which means my pitching wedge probably had the length of your 7 iron. this goes down to +1 inch for the driver though. its a damn hard game no matter which...
Well I guess it depends what you use the caddie for. if its to find the ball and carry the bag than I'm on your side. but if its for distances and line, than you better hit the shot the caddie tells you.we got pretty annoyed with our flight partners and would have loved to play faster but that's topic of another thread.But back to the topic, Ireland is definitely an awesome place for a golf trip. great people and excellent golf
played 36 holes in one day in Tralee this may. the back 9 are just stunning. definitely a must play! also can recommend Dooks, loved it. if you are looking into something else than just links try Adare Manor. its a great one as well... not really sure about a caddie at Tralee. our flight partners on the second round had one (was my first experience with a caddie ever) and I think if you are not min single digit, your game is not good enough for a caddie...just my thought
ok, so after having played a couple of rounds now with the GG, I was wondering what you do when you play stableford and actually have to pick up the ball? how do you record that?
Sounds like a great book to read and I would love to order one, but here is my issue (do not really want to complain, just want to see if there is a solution to it): I am currently living in Switzerland and the ebay retailer does not deliver to Switzerland. This is not really a big issue since I could order the book to Germany and just pick it up somehow. But checking the delivery costs for Germany, I have to say that in my point of view they are a little bit too high....
Finally got mine and hoping to get my first round in soon. Probably might have to wait until the weekend though...
well wouldn't really compare Swissland with Italy. that's why I am flying down there in a couple of weeks and hope to get some nice golf in on Sardinia :)
not only should he play the same ball, he HAS to!!! ok, if he hits it OB, in a lake, provisional, or does anything else with the original than it's another story. but other than that same hole=same ball
hehe yes, it is. but beautiful as well.golf is pretty much a small community due to their licensing system. courses are in great condition and have amazing views as long as you like walking up those hills (rarely any golf carts around)
being from Germany and now living in Switzerland, I actually went through all those tests and license things. Even we have those discussions quite often and as always there are two sides to it.on one hand, the license system ensures that people know what they do on the course and with a maximum handicap of 36, clubs are able to schedule 7min tee time rhythms while ensuring rounds of 4 hours walking. On the other hand, it scares people from actually stating to play the...
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