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carded an 11 once with 4 OB in a tournament qualifier. Then proceeded to miss the cut by 2. 
Byron does a great job too and he is very personal and accessible with his clientele. You won't be disappointed. Email him directly from his site and he will probably get back to you within a few hours depending on the time change.
If someone starts telling me there are rules above and beyond those of golf it will be the last time I play with that person AND it will be the ONLY thing I talk about during the round.  
yoga pants.... I cannot concentrate if a woman is wearing yoga pants
Liberace: when you put it inside your partner on the green
unless we are playing for something I really don't 'address' it. Most of my friends play by the rules as it is anyway.   If someone is slowing the group or the course, I will tell them to 'just drop one here."    The only time I call someone out is if they brag about how the 'whopped' me and then I will proceed to talk about their 'game'.
I think the 80% is mental. Makes you swing 'softer'. In essence if you go in a trackman and take that "80%" swing I think you will find that you are only 3-5 mph slower than your normal all out swing. That is of course if you do it right. It is easy to manipulate the numbers. I have done this and if I try to swing at an actual 80% I simply cannot do it without really messing up.   If you think about the number as a whole it is a HUGE difference. For ease of numbers sake...
also keep an eye on what everyone else's putts do. A lot of the time I see golfers, high and low, doing anything but watching the guy putting or chipping.    What happens a foot or so from the hole should be very telling and will help you a lot with your line.    If you are the first to go then you are SOL.... ;)
the birds..... lawn mower in the distance.... a fore in the backgr......ouch
not having to be anywhere right after     a bad day on the course is better than a good day in the office   ;)
New Posts  All Forums: