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Thanks for the quick reply.  All the degree angle talk in the first link left me head reeling a bit.  The less I think about it, the better I generally strike the ball.  But I do get the concept of hitting on the upswing, and based on how forward I have my tee, I cannot help but think that's how I hit it.  It may be minor, but maybe it is "the straw" so to speak, but I may have my tee set too low.  I set it fairly low (ball barely above the driver head when resting on the...
 I meant to say fade, not draw.  Sorry.
I am new to The Sand Trap, and a few month old golfer.  So...hello! I have had the fortunate pleasure of picking up the game of golf with relative ease (to this point).  My primary issue to this point has been with my drive shots (this also pertains to my woods, but to a less extreme).  I can hit the ball straight, however it requires I have an exaggerated tee placement in relation to my stance.  In order to drive the ball straight, I have to have the tee placed several...
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