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Thank you. I feel better. I was embarrassed I didn't know the etiquette for that. But how would I know? My dad never took me golfing and I'm just getting into golf! Haha. Thanks again.
Can you just tell them that? They won't force you into a foursome?
Hi...I'm new to golfing...I am 41 years old and I want to take my 8 year old out. We've golfed at Disney World (once) and I've taken some lessons in the past blah blah... I was going to book 9 holes at a local public course but I'm not sure how twosomes or foursomes work. Would we have to be matched up with two other people? I'd prefer not to be, since we are not that good (more like god awful) and don't know every single rule exactly. We would certainly have...
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