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@Jim... Interesting. I didn't know something like that was available at that price point. I'll have to check Monarch out. Another question to all that I have is what exactly is a "game improvement iron". Isn't that what everyone is looking to do? Are they not allowed by PGA rules or something?
@Meeks... Nice. I'm from western PA. I know there isn't much golf left this year. I should probably wait. But I really got bit by the bug over the last month. Lol
Sweet. Great input guys. I appreciate all advice. I'm not leaning towards any particular clubs because yes... I know there is a difference between a 150$ set and a 1600$ set. But in all honesty. I've used about 4 or 5 different sets of clubs all of which were really old or cheap and I have had some great hits and lousey shots. At my level I believe it is more about getting my golf game down and comfortable with what I have. I just don't want to invest a lot in...
So I am new to golf and this site. This is my first post.  I have played several rounds this year.... but very limited rounds over the last few years.      Any time I play I have to borrow clubs.  I don't have my own.  I would like to invest in my own set of clubs as my interest is beginning to grow and I would like to play more often.  So the questions I have are this.  I do NOT want a junky 150$ set of beginner clubs But I am not looking to spend a Grand on a set...
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