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My point was, (I thought obvious) 30 tournaments a year, (winning most of them), driving yourself coast to coast and Florida to Canada on what would amount to farm roads today was a real grind. Back to your pity party for today's Pros.
Not a fan of what the cop did, but on the other hand, have seen parents told not to let the kid drive at the course, and two holes later, guess who's driving it again?  Lots of folks think the rules are for "other" people I guess.   I operated lots of 2, 3, 4, and 6 wheel machinery as a kid, but it was on our ranch, and if I tore one up, I'd have rather answered to a cop than my Dad.
Just for reference, Here's Byron Nelson's schedule in '45.  Won 11 in a row, and had to drive himself to most all of these events.  And not on interstate highways either, but lousy two lane roads.  Most of his fellow pros were  in the same boat.  THAT was a grind.       Byron Nelson's 1945 Tournament Results Jan. 5-8, Los Angeles: 71-72-70-71--284, second Jan. 12-14, Phoenix Open: 68-65-72-69--274, first, won by 2 Jan. 18-21, Tucson: 67-68-67-67--269, second Jan....
Guests typically roll two carts a year at my course.  Either they think they are ATV vehicles, or they are off-road racers.  Usually, alcohol is involved.  Have seen grown men, 40+ years old, deliberately jump golf carts over curbs and ditches.  (Yamaha, we need three more new axles and five alignments this month)  Would LOVE to just throw the whole group off the course sometimes, but then they trash the place on all social media. 
My last trip in an AA MD80 I had folks in front recline.  They were 2.5 hour flights, and no meals, but I could sure see someone in my seat being pissed off by not being able to use a laptop or whatever because of the recliner in front.  Much of this problem lies in the seat pitch or spacing used nowadays, it just sucks.  And no, I don't recline in coach, and I would sit up if asked.   I have a bit of a problem with the "It's MY seat, I paid for it" group.  Courtesy is a...
I made it through 9 seconds worth! 
**IF** I were to play music on the course, I'd probably opt for something soothing like Patsy Cline or Alison Krauss, which I suspect would irritate all the under 40 crowd just about as much as their music does me.  So keep it turned down, or let's agree to just listen to nature.  If you want to wear ear buds, that's fine too, I don't mind ignoring you either.
 I'm a retired FAA Air Traffic Controller.  By some serendipitous set of circumstances, somebody decided to build a nice resort golf course three miles from my house, so now I'm a part time starter, which pretty much pays for my golf if nothing else.
  Yup, and while you're hitting your mulligan 20 yds right of the correct fairway with your whiz-bang driver from the tips, the REAL pros hit a two iron from the same tee to the proper spot on the fairway.  You could too if you used a hybrid from the proper tee for your skill level.  BTW, the members in the group behind are laughing at you.   #37, Showing up at the pro shop 5 minutes before your tee time, then rushing to the first tee while ordering six beers and a bloody...
New guy from Texas, mostly retired, part-time starter at a  Golf Magazine Silver Medal Resort course.  Play twice a week when weather and course traffic allows.  When weather allows and course traffic doesn't, I fly for fun.  (therefore, the user name...)
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