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I like the way you keep your head still ( Soooo many peoples heads wonder everywhere ) I also like the tempo, Nice fluid swing one thats not trying to kill it. Nice job Brice
BELIEVE me when I tell you, Since I started playing when I was 12 ( I am now 49 ) I have just about tried them all in 1 form or another, Me personally kept coming back to the Pro V1 and Pro V1X series. Because they flat out perform for me . With other's you will find Bridgestone , Nike ,Srixon, and countless others and for the people that play them they are the perfect ball. My suggestion is settle on a ball then buy some grade A bals from a website and practice ONLY...
I play both, The X for wet or damp greens and the V1 for normal green conditions. Truth be told I am only getting about 3 or 4 yard's more with the X. I think it's probably related more to your swing than to the ball you are using, 
Thanks, Your Avatar is touching
Well I am retired due to a job related injury, I had 2 surgeries to my knee and 1 year of rehab, Afterwards I was informed by the Dr. that after reviewing my job description he could not in good concious release me to return to my job. However I am capable of working so I am currently practicing to pass my PGA PATs, My former job was fixing underground water lines and I was there 15 years. It was a Government job so i get a nice pension but I want to return to the...
Thank you sir for the warm welcome
Hi, They call me The Game, And yes its a play on HHH from the WWE, I am recovering from my second major Knee surgery in  9 months. Back in Sept of 2013 i had my second Total knee replacement on my right knee, In July of this year it became infected and I was in the Hospital for 9 days. I have surpassed where the Dr and therapist thought i would be, I said I will do whatever it takes to get back on the course. Today I hit 50 balls and was surprised by the results...I...
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