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Great Post....always had trouble getting that weight to the front foot on the down swing.  After seeing the  photo of Hogan, I noticed how wide his stance was.  I tried widening my stance and found it was much easier  to push off the rear foot in the downswing...I have more power and finally taking a divot in front of the ball.
I see what you mean with weight forward during backswing.  I still say over time it wil lead to a reverse pivot.  Picture a baseball hitter at bat with his weight on his forward foot.  As the ball approaches, he would automatically shift to his rear foot.  Instant reverse pivot!
Have been googling early wrist hinge or one piece take away. Any thoughts out there on what is proper and what leads to more consistencey? Some webs sites swear by early wrist hinge while others swear by the one piece takeaway.  (It's like asking ten stockbrokers what are your five favorite stocks to invest in....you will get ten completley different answers.)
I agree with all the above...I would just like to add for greenside bunkers, you should also have an early wrist break.  Keep weight forward throughout swing.
Just started a flatter swing plane and have great results...I believe my club/wrists were too upright at address.  Lateley, I stayed tall in my setup and let the arms fall to their natural position.  Much more relaxed and natural.
Was taught that early wrist break is good for the short irons, especially the wedges...reduce severe wrist break as the distance clubs come into play.
Could not disagree more with your comments.  We have all heard the expression you have to feel the club head and let the club head do the work.  You can't feel the club head with a tight grip. The article only states that most amateurs start off with a loose grip, as the downswing begins, most amateurs turn into cave men with a death defying grip.  Try reading Jim Flick's book (Jack Nicklaus' one time swing coach) and you will see what I mean.  Grip and rip it might work...
Working on grip pressure.  Instructed to hold the club at about a 3 out of ten...very light pressure.  Here is where my instructor hammered the following into my head...THE SAME GRIP PRESSURE THAT YOU HAVE AT ADDRESS  (3) IS THE SAME GRIP PRESSURE YOU SHOULD HAVE AT IMPACT.  Read that again TEN times.  Most of us have the natural tendencey to start overgripping at the top of our backswing and then end up with a grip pressure of 8. Too tight a grip introduces stress and...
Had the same problem.....stood a little furthe away and my thought was to hit the ball off the toe.  corrected the shank.
Jordan Spieth will be the NEW greatest golfer of all time..move over Jack and Tiger
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