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Could not his my three wood for anything.  Got a Taylor made #3 hybrid.  I use it all the time on par 5's.  I"m giving up a little yardage but it is very forgiving. It has made a big difference.  My three wood is now mothballed.
You can have all the so called pods and investment by the players...it still would not make a bit of difference. The Europeans Won fair and square and they simply out played the Americans.  All this finger pointing makes the Americans look lik a bunch of spoiled, whiney little babies.  I would just like to point out one thing...our older more experienced golfers do not really have stellar performances at the Ryder cup.  I think the younger PGA players are hungrier to...
Storongly disagree with trying to release the clubhead.  We have all heard the phrase "let the club head do the work".  That is placing too much mecahnical thought on trying to make the end of the club hit the ball.  My PGA coach has me thinking loose wrists and VERY soft hands.  Bring these soft loose wrists and hands into the down swing and the clubhead will do the work for you.  Hinging, unhinging and rehinging can only be done with loose wrists and soft hands.
Wow..Thanks Dave!!. For some reason could not find this rule.  Just e mailed my buddies whom I was playing with this rule and also demanded my money back!  Thanks again.
Here's a good one. Recently, my ball landed in a bunker that was very steep. When entering I realized that I was going to fall into the trap and  I used my wedge to break my fall.  The club head touched the sand and my playing partners screamed at me that this was a penalty because my club head came in contact with the sand and thereffore I was "testing the condition" of the sand.  Where the club head touched the sand was no where near my ball and therefore did not have...
Just had Winn Dri Tac oversize grips installed.  Nice Difference.  Thicker, spongier feel than the narrower hard grips that are on the market.  
.....not playing with my brother in law
Yesterday, when teeing off on the first hole, my playing partner "accidently" hit his ball and the ball skidded off to right of the T box.  He calims it was an "incidental" stike of the ball and he was allowed to "T" it back up without penalty.  Is he correct??
You hit on a good point....you mention keeping the arm rigid.  This will introduce tension which is the killer of any golf swing.  I think it is a personal thing on how much bend is necessary.  All I'm suggesting is that individuals who are stuggling should try and relax their left arm a little bit more.  Some may have more bend than others but the point is not to try and make it ramrod straight.
Previously I would bring the arms back with a stiff left arm...even though I would try and maintain a light grip, on the down swing I would tighten up and end up hitting with a tight grip...There was just a lot of tension that was built up during the swing.  Now I step up, give a light waggle to really feel that club head, hold the club lightly, slow back (head very still) and slow forward letting the left arm bend naturall without any  resistence...maintaining th elight...
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