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 How much distance did you get with that 3 wood off the tee?
Having quit golf 16 years ago, I took up golf again in 2014. Well now I'm 16 years older than I previously was and am actually a senior golfer now. The interesting thing is, that in 2014 I have been able to drop an average of 9 or 10 strokes off what I use to shoot 16 years ago all because my short game as well as my putting has improved. Now if I can only improve my driving in 2015 I will really be happy
I would ad Drew Breese to that list
I won't say whether or not Peyton Manning is the best QB ever,he is awful good, but I respect him for his personality, his demeanor, and for being a true gentleman. BTW, another good QB who is a real gentleman with a great personality is Aaron Rodgers
My best shot of the week was on a 145 yard par 3. I misjudged what club to use when I teed off so my ball ended up being about 10 yards short of the green. The green is sloped to the left and the hole was positioned about 35 feet into the green and off to the left side of the slope. For my second shot I used my 7 iron hoping to get my ball close enough to the pin to save par. I hit the ball and it rolled onto the green and broke fairly hard to the left and gently rolled...
I have noticed that my putting game has improved in the latter part of this golf season. The thing I give the most credit to for my improved putting is that the first thing I do is to stand up straight beside the ball and line my shoulders up to the hole. Then I center the ball on my putter so that the line on my putter is dead center with the center of the ball.    Well, it works for me. 
As in any competitive sport, Tiger set a standard for other golfers. 
Someone once said to me, "give golf a try, it's challenging" To which I replied; "yeah, but so tossing a tic tac in a shoe box at 100 feet   Here is a rule I made up - Good golf clubs won't help a bad golfer   I would enjoy reading sayings from the rest of you.
Played a round of golf this morning and did real well driving using my 5 Wood and 9 Wood. Because there was a fairly good breeze today, the winds did effect my driving a bit with these two clubs, especially because of the loft I get with these two clubs. So I began thinking, that if only I could hit a driver as straight as I do with my 5 and 9 wood, then the winds wouldn't hurt me as much. Then I began wondering if it might be possible for me to hit the ball straight with...
You maybe able to close the club face some to stop your slice. Give it a try.
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