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Played a round today and knocked 7 strokes off my game. It was easy. I skipped the 18th hole. Actually, I got rained out 
I started playing golf but after playing for four years I noticed I was getting worse instead of better. It got so bad that I could expect to hit only about two out of 18 fairways on my drive and my pitching game was all over the place so I got so frustrated that I completely gave up golf and sold my clubs. Then years later I went to Florida and visited a friend of mine who is an avid golfer. He took me out to practice driving, and pitching and I found out that if I...
"I have a tip that can take five strokes off anyone’s golf game: it’s called an eraser." - Arnold Palmer   But seriously, my hopes are for lower scores this golf season especially since I have almost completely eliminated my slicing on drives and improved my accuracy on my pitching and chipping game. Now if I can loose a couple of strokes in the putting department it will be a happy golf season.
You're a true golfer when   
You're a non-golfer if your focus is on the 19th hole even before you finish the first hole
You're a non-golfer if you wuss out and go to a family event because of pressure rather than play the round of golf you know you really want to
You're not a real golfer if you're 50 yards from the green and you overshoot it past the back of the green and then on the very next attempt you overshoot it past the front of the green.
I use to have the same problem until a golf instructor gave the following advice. He said to keep my head down and don't worry where the ball will go. But most importantly, he said that I should be able to write a report on the blades of grass moving. If I do that then the outcome will be favorable. I took his advice and made sure my main focus was to watch my club move the blades of grass. Many times the ball landed before I even lifted my head, but the results were...
Saw this instructional video on chipping from Jim Furyk and it was very helpful to this beginner. I never before considered chocking down on my irons and taking a putting stance, but I tried this and was amazed at the results it produced.  
 The pleasure I get from playing a round decreases proportionally to how fast I play a round
New Posts  All Forums: