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I have noticed that my putting game has improved in the latter part of this golf season. The thing I give the most credit to for my improved putting is that the first thing I do is to stand up straight beside the ball and line my shoulders up to the hole. Then I center the ball on my putter so that the line on my putter is dead center with the center of the ball.    Well, it works for me. 
As in any competitive sport, Tiger set a standard for other golfers. 
Someone once said to me, "give golf a try, it's challenging" To which I replied; "yeah, but so tossing a tic tac in a shoe box at 100 feet   Here is a rule I made up - Good golf clubs won't help a bad golfer   I would enjoy reading sayings from the rest of you.
Played a round of golf this morning and did real well driving using my 5 Wood and 9 Wood. Because there was a fairly good breeze today, the winds did effect my driving a bit with these two clubs, especially because of the loft I get with these two clubs. So I began thinking, that if only I could hit a driver as straight as I do with my 5 and 9 wood, then the winds wouldn't hurt me as much. Then I began wondering if it might be possible for me to hit the ball straight with...
You maybe able to close the club face some to stop your slice. Give it a try.
Played 9 holes at a local par 3 course this morning. Shot 3 pars, and finished up on the 9th hole with a nice 180 yard drive to the green using my 5 wood with only half a back swing. But I was left with a 40 yard putt which I managed for a birdie for a score of  6 over par 33 for the 9 holes which ties my best ever score for this course. i believe I could have done better, but my short pitches were not that great. It was my good putting today that allowed me to score as...
I set up to tee off on the 5th hole and noticed a flock of geese out on the fairway. Not paying much attention to the geese, I teed off with a low line drive and hit one of the geese. I turned to my golfing partner and said: "I got a birdie"
 If I get really good, maybe I will give this driver a try 
Too early to tell. I only tried it once on a 195 yd. par 3 and sailed the ball past the green and a wee bit to the left of it. 
A few years ago, I put a pool cue in my golf bag before hitting the links with my golf partner. When I took my bag of clubs out of the car, my golf partner noticed the pool cue sticking out of my bag, and he asked: "what is that for?" To which I replied that's my new putter.   
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