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 If you have a handicap of 14 for 9 holes, does that mean you have a 28 handicap for 18 holes?
The Carolina's are a long way from where I live. I live on the Canadian border
Someone in another thread said that a phone would come in handy if you encountered some jerks on the course because you then could call the club house and have them send out the ranger to solve that sort of problem.
Every now and then I get to enjoy one of those. Usually when that happens the moisture on the fairway has dissipated and the winds are calm which affords me the luxury of some good ball roll
Being a senior golfer, I get a kick out of watching younger golfers trying to clobber their ball on the drive. The result usually is they drive the ball left into the woods or off to the right into the other fairway and it reflects badly on their score. I once was a younger golfer and use to make the same mistake as these younger golfers make.  I'm almost 67 years old and was golfing with a golfer 23 years younger than myself yesterday. We played 9 holes and he only hit...
90 course just in Myrtle Beach? Really?
It's a true story. The course is Niagara County Golf Course in Lockport NY. They use to have a coral they use to rent out to individuals who wanted to pay to keep their own carts on site.
Working on my drive. I am pretty satisfied with my pitching chipping and putting game. Just looking to knock a few strokes off my game with better drives which would in turn give me better position for my second shot.
The biggest jerks I ever met on the golf course were 2 idiots probably in the thirties who had their own private golf cart. On top of their golf cart were a pair of huge speakers and while they were playing they were blasting Led Zepplin music full blast on the volume. The course ranger shortly came out and made them turn it completely off. 
Do you use a gps app on the course?   Which app?   Has it made you shots more accurate?   Has it lowered your score or handicap?
New Posts  All Forums: