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No three putts and nothing higher than a bogey today
tough greens resulted in many bogeys
LOL - that's a good day
Only 14 putts for 9 holes, thanks to some decent chip shots
What was the yardage for that hole?
My worst shot of the week was a drive shot that I skulled in which the ball only went approximately 50 yards. Just wasn't focused on that shot.
Had several memorable shots today for the 9 holes I played. #1 was my tee shot on a 130 yd. par 3 which sat 10 feet from the pin, which then allowed me to sink the putt for my only birdie of the day. #2 Was a 35 yd. pitch shot which ended up 18 inches from the hole, which allowed me to putt it in for par. #3 Was a 25 yd. pitch shot which ended up 2 feet from the cup and allowed me to putt it in for par    Today's results bogey birdie triple bogey par bogey double...
Thought I'd pass this news along to those of you looking for a quality golf ball at a low price. I just left Dick's Sporting Goods after buying two boxes (2 doz) Top Flite Gamers for the sale price of $30. Plus a box of 15 Pinnacle Golds to try for $15.95
I had a few shots today that really gave me a sense of satisfaction. #1. Was a 125 yd. pitch shot which I pitched to within 18 inches of the hole which enabled me to get par. #2. Was a drive to a 210 yd. par 3 which ended up 7 feet from the cup. #3. Was a 45 foot chip shot which I chipped to within 6 inches of the cup which enabled to to par the hole. #4. Was on a 35 yd. putt which I putted to within 2 inches of the cup to save par Those are the 4 shots that stood out today
 Sounds like a good course for senior golfers. So what is your average score on a full length course?
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