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An 83 year old asked if I would like to join him in a round of par 3 this morning so I agreed to go. The grass on the greens was the highest I ever seen it and at 8:30 in the morning they were still very wet and very slow. The fairways had high grass that wouldn't allow for much roll either. Still I ended up with 6 bogeys, 1 double bogey on my only three putt of the day, and two pars for a score of 35.
On a 145 yard par 3, I hit the green on the drive with my 6 iron but it rolled about 2 feet off the green and approximately 50 feet from the pin. On my second shot I used my 7 iron in a putting stance, then choosing a hopeful landing spot for my ball which I guessed would then allow my ball to roll the rest of the way, I chipped the ball in for a birdie. Sweet.
 I was going to try some of those Bridgestone e6 ballz until I saw the going price. 
 Lets wait and see if that's still your mindset when you are approaching 70 years old
Just 2 years ago I could only dream of breaking 50 for nine holes. I thought that the only way I would ever break 50 is if I played a par 3 course. Yesterday I shot 42 on a regular course. Could have been a 40 if I hadn't of left a birdie putt inches short and also missed a 2 1/2 foot putt on another hole. I attribute this score to the fact how much my short game has improved over the last year.
Played 9 holes today. Shot a 42. Had 4 pars. Left a birdie putt inches short and then on another hole I missed a 2 1/2 foot putt. Finished the 9th hole which is quite sloped with a par chip in which broke to the right and went in the cup. The most interesting untold fact is that just two years ago I could only dream of breaking 50. 
Played a round today and knocked 7 strokes off my game. It was easy. I skipped the 18th hole. Actually, I got rained out 
I started playing golf but after playing for four years I noticed I was getting worse instead of better. It got so bad that I could expect to hit only about two out of 18 fairways on my drive and my pitching game was all over the place so I got so frustrated that I completely gave up golf and sold my clubs. Then years later I went to Florida and visited a friend of mine who is an avid golfer. He took me out to practice driving, and pitching and I found out that if I...
"I have a tip that can take five strokes off anyone’s golf game: it’s called an eraser." - Arnold Palmer   But seriously, my hopes are for lower scores this golf season especially since I have almost completely eliminated my slicing on drives and improved my accuracy on my pitching and chipping game. Now if I can loose a couple of strokes in the putting department it will be a happy golf season.
You're a true golfer when   
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