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Old women who can't hit the ball more than 50 yds a whack have no place on the golf course. If that describes you then PLEASE find a different hobby. Maybe you're more suited for knitting or crochet
 A golfing friend of mine helped me correct my aim. I was getting frustrated because I thought my ball was not going where I was aiming it. He stood behind me and watched me and told me that my ball was indeed going exactly where I was aiming. Then he gave me a tip on how to properly line up and it's helped me to approve my aim. One of tips he gave me was to hold my club down across my thighs and across my shoulders and look at where I was aiming. 
A beautiful drive and pitch shot on 3, sunk a long putt on 8, hit tee shot to within 4 feet of cup on 9, sunk a long putt on 11, pitched ball into cup from off the green on 17 which would have made for a nice high-lite video
I'm reading the all time best seller - The Bible
It was a 9 hole course which I played twice aroundHere it is hole by hole #1 par 4 got a 6 and a 5#2 par 4 got a 6 and a 3#3 par 4 got a 3 and a 6#4 par 4 got a 5 and a 4#5 par 3 got a 4 and a 6#6 par 4 got a 6 and a 6#7 par 4 got a 6 and a 5#8 par 5 got a 5 and a 4#9 par 3 got a 2 and a 4 43 first time around and 43 the second time around for an 86
Couldn't see where the ball was going
One of the ways I was able to get under 90 was by not taking those risky shots which I use to take back when I was shooting over 100. Now days I play the smart shot which in turn saves strokes. You can score better with a safe lay-up than by taking a chance at risky shots that aren't likely to produce the results you had hoped for.    Just saying
Best shot today was my 4th shot on a par five when I used my 56 degree wedge from 10 yds off of a sloping green which ended up in the cup to give me the birdie
4 birdies, 2 Pars, 5 bogeys, 6 double bogeys, and 1 quadruple bogey for an 86 today made me learn to take the good with the bad
4 Birdies     2 Pars      5 Bogeys     6 triple bogeys    1 quad bogey       SCORED 86
New Posts  All Forums: