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I use photobucket for my pics and most of the time on other sites I click the IMG and it copys with no problem . On this site do I need to use the [IMG] pic then  [/IMG]  comand ? Also how do I edit posts , I don't see that on my options after a post .never mind I see the pencil now , uh what day is this  Thanks , The Dude .
heres a pic of me on the 8 th tee  
Cool , me and my youngest shoot some , and we also deer hunt together . here a pic of him in the stand from a few years ago .  
I've been playing for about 3 months on a local 9 hole . Me and my two boys have a lot of fun laughing at each other . Look forward to hanging out around here . Later the dude .
Bow and rifle for deer . I turkey hunt also . 
I'm retired military . I was a M1 A1 tanker . Now I just take it easy . 
New Posts  All Forums: