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Now then, just been to the range and seem to be getting some good results shifting my weight - the whole feel of my swing is much smoother, which is a high turning point for me, I was stuck in a rut of trying to smash the ball as hard as I could.   Anyway, here's another swing. Shot shape was a lovely little push draw on this swing, however getting a lot of push-fades/slices. Any idea why that might be? I know i have a small chicken wing on the way through and really...
I'm working on actually swinging the club. I've never been able to get out of the mind set of 'grip it and rip it' no matter how hard I have tried in the past haha. Recently after playing 9 holes with a friend of mine who is a very good golfer I realised how effortless he gets power in his swing.    The feeling of throwing the club up and effortlessly swinging it back to the ball has been providing some amazing results, I've never hit a ball so well in my life. Such a...
Been to the range tonight and was hitting slice after slice with a few fat shots for good measure. Unfortunately not able to get a good quality video as the bays we were in were poorly lit.   After looking at the video above, my club face looks quite open at the top which I know can cause all kinds of trouble on the way down. My normal shot is usually a draw so could it be likely that the open club face is making me wipe across the ball so much?   Cheers.
Will give that a go, thanks. I tend to practice drills much more in my net at home - e.g. waist height drills and slow motion swings. When I get to the range I try to trust my swing a bit more to gain confidence as I tend to fiddle with my swing too much on the course. Very pleased with progress so far so appreciate all the help!
Posture might not be perfect on that vid above but can definitely feel an improvement. The difference of feel in shoulder turn is ridiculous. Feel so much more connected, stable and more controlled through the whole shot. Never occurred to me how much of a big part posture played in the golf swing.
Spot on, cheers. Will head to range tomorrow and dial that in.
Something a bit more like this?
Now then, I've been working pretty hard at this and managed to get a couple of swings filmed today:     Still need to sort out a front-view shot. I'll try sort it today if weather is alright.   Looking at that myself I look like my takeaway is outside the line, where it has always been whipped inside. Hopefully posture is looking a little bit better, I've found it quite hard to change that to be honest.   Not been playing well on the course! No good scores to...
Cant argue with that mate. Good job on the 35 pointer. You seem to be doing well for only playing a short time, keep it up.
Take a head cover and place under your left arm and keep it there when you swing. Your left arm becomes disconnected during your takeaway. With the head cover drill it will help you with your takeaway and excessive wrist bend. It will also help you to compact and shorten your swing down.
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