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@mvmac thanks man, this feels very much like an arm swing to me but I'm not complaining! Went to the range earlier but forgot my damn camera! Ball striking is back for the most part, but my swing feels very soft and slow... Not losing much difference though tbh. Ball flight has actually become noticibly more penetrating already. Direction not the best but I realise there are other flaws which contribute to this. Vid below of my swing at the min (no ball, sorry). I'm...
At his best he would make some crazy swings to get himself around the course, no wonder he got injured. I think this whole meltdown of his could be mostly to do with his loss of flexibility. Still class around the green, but who needs to be flexible to hit a good pitch?
I'd prefer to watch golf than pinball
I'm all over this as from tomorrow. I practice quite a lot but don't take my time like I know I should. I have shot some of my lowest scores (consecutively) over the past couple of weeks and then out of nowhere everything disappears and after a week or so I then find myself struggling even to make half decent contact with the ball. Because my practice isn't, sorry, WASNT taken with too much thought, would it be likely that I end up just falling back into old habits again?...
@mvmac is this looking any better? Sorry for bugging you so much ha. I think if I can get this bit sorted I can work my way nicely around it and get my ball striking back. Also just a note: On this pic I don't feel much coil in lower body Thanks for your help.
@mvmac does this look any better? Feels horrific! I've had my pro check my grip and seems ok but still struggling with wrist hinge. I think is why it seems such an effort to get the club to the top and look all stretched out. Cheers.
@mvmac cool thanks man.   Am i right in thinking that this will feel very much like a reverse pivot and very steep compared to where I get to at the minute?
I've had a bit of trouble keeping the head still - especially in the backswing, and after watching this vid I noticed that my wrists barely hinge at all until very late in the swing. Could this lead me to over stretch the arms to get to the top, and take the head out of position?   I've been shooting some good scores recently though (+7, +8 on my past 2 social rounds) and have had another 2 shots off my handicap so now playing off 12.   Still struggling with a bit of a...
I was a bit rushed for time, so I appreciate I hit those balls a bit too quickly!
 Yeah, sorry haha. Thanks for clearing that up, the mechanics of the golf swing interest me a lot so the more I understand the better for me! I have just been down the range and got some swings. I have tried to get the DTL as good as possible for you although very hard without a cameraman. Still swinging left, although not so many shanks today and contact was good on the most part (I have calmed the head movement down a lot although not perfect yet). My mind has been blown...
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