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I was a bit rushed for time, so I appreciate I hit those balls a bit too quickly!
 Yeah, sorry haha. Thanks for clearing that up, the mechanics of the golf swing interest me a lot so the more I understand the better for me! I have just been down the range and got some swings. I have tried to get the DTL as good as possible for you although very hard without a cameraman. Still swinging left, although not so many shanks today and contact was good on the most part (I have calmed the head movement down a lot although not perfect yet). My mind has been blown...
Didn't manage to get one today but will hopefully get one tomorrow (uk). Out of interest, what will keeping the head steady Improve in a swing? Not questioning, just interested as I have heard conflicting views on this.
Sorry man, should be sorted now.
Been practicing hard on my swing this weekend and have managed to find the club face on a few occasions. Had a match earlier and thanks to some good putting and chipping i actually came in on some holes. Not fun with the shanks tho. Everything is a slice/hard pull now. I've worked on keeping head steady which I think has helped strike although I'm getting in a mess somewhere and glancing the ball with every club. heres my swing from range today:
OK, mate thanks. Feel in a bit of a mess at the min so will head to range and give this a go.
Hi all   I seem to have come down with a bout of the SHANKS and no idea what to do...   I've had a pretty good start to the season and until a couple of weeks ago I had been hitting the ball much better and my bad shot was a push/hook - I'd tend to get stuck on the downswing.   To make things worse I have ordered myself a set of new irons that will be arriving tomorrow and I won't be able to hit them!   Here's my swing at the min... although not hitting a ball, I...
Been doing a lot of work on posture and my release (chronic chicken wing sufferer) and here is my latest effort.    I'm using an old rusty bladed 3 iron in this vid and I was ripping the pants off it haha.   Any pointers very much welcomed. Thanks.     http://www.ubersense.com/video/view/lUlDSpEn?e=1781349#
No worries mate, I hope you get sorted soon.   I used to get caught up in the whole "start from the ground up" spiel, and it confused the hell out of me. When I changed my perception of the golf swing to one of literally swinging the golf club whilst the ball got in the way I had a major light bulb moment and the change was dramatic and I saw progress extremely quickly.   Another thing that may help is to take your golf posture (take a look...
Just my 2 cents here... I used to be a chronic over-the-topper and could never get the idea of passive arms etc.    This video changed the way I looked at the golf swing and has helped me no end. I now have a powerful draw that flies off the club face with what seems like such little effort. I broke 80 for the first time yesterday with this.   Take from it what you will, I don't want to step on anyone's toes here as I know theres some great advice on this forum!  
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