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 The problem with this code is that it ONLY applies to FULL soles.  If you want a custom grind you are out of luck unfortunately.  Looking to buy my first set regardless, although I would like that discount, and just am waiting on some answers from their customer service dept.
The last two years saw me playing a lot less than the few years before, but thats changing this year!  I've played a few rounds already and also joined a Thursday night league.  My goal for the season is to play at least 6 times a month with 4 or more range sessions.  Since I'm going to be playing much more often I decided to buy a new driver (I'm a club ho at heart), but first a bit about me… I'm currently hitting a 10.5° Ping G10 with the stock stiff shaft. My ball...
  The other two groomsman don't golf... although maybe a gift like this would have inspired them to do so LOL
A big thanks to Chris and LaMont at Sunset Beach for the tremendous work they did on this putter.  The weddings color are silver and purple and I think they brought it into the putter beautifully!
  Thanks!   Yep that's the course in Cary, Illinois.  That hill does indeed make for some interesting holes.  The two that are the most interesting is the one you mentioned where the green is elevated way up.  The other, IMO, is the hole where you are teeing off downhill to the green.  It was actually my very first Eagle attempt I ever had.  It was my first time playing the course a few years ago and I drove the green! (Missed the damn putt though lol)
  Gratz on the great round yourself!  Next time out it's your turn to beat your brother =)
That's the question... When you shoot your best round ever and your first Eagle in the same round which one is the icing and which one is the cake? Well thankfully I currently find myself in the midst of that amazing scenario because on Sunday, August 19th I broke 90 for the first time and carded that first ever Eagle! The round took place at the Par 75 - Cary Country Club where I shot an 88! (Front 42/Back 46)  My previous best round here was a 93. While I'm thrilled...
Hmm; that's a loaded question!   By day I'm a father, (soon to be) husband, and a Product Consultant for an email marketing company where I design solutions/integrations with our clients so they can better spam communicate with their customers.   On the side I do some iOS/Mac Development and Automation as well as build websites; there are a few some people may know (a custom putter maker, a bowling ball brand, and two longboarding sites) and a ton people probably...
So the niblick is supposed to set up more upright to promote a putter like swing right? But you are also able to make a full swing at around 9 iron or PW distance as well right? So if you were going to adjust the length/lie would you adjust like you do with your putter or your irons/wedges? The reason I ask is that my irons are 2* upright & standard length while my putters are at 70* (2* flat) and cut down to 32.5" in length. I'm open to thoughts from anyone, but...
The hosel (face side) of the first putter has my initials although it's hard to see in those images.
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