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I starting to have this same problem with my hips and I'm starting to slice my ball. Something I normaly dont do it. It is getting me stress
Well I care more for control and acurassy than more yardage. I already hit it long like 270 or 280 thats enought for me! So if I trimmed from the but it wont get stiffer? or just make it a little more stiffer? As long as it doesn't get like x-stiff or something ¬¬ Im fine!
so it will get stiffer if I cut the shaft to 45? I think I will try it on 46 inch Im tall guy anyways Im 6'0" so 46 should be fine for me!
hahaha that look great! I have to try those grips I need to find someone who play with them ¬¬! I have check golfsmith, edwin watts and golf galaxy, and they only have the v2 proforse 335" tip size and not the 350" So I found this website www.golfworks.com who do carry the 350" version how are they? are they trustable? Also I see that they dont let you chose what lenght you want on your shaft. All websites say 46". My actual driver is 45" long, and I want the same...
Probably the same my r7 425 already have xD the golfpride tour velvet ¬¬ Im thinking on the multicompound but I have never try them I will have to try them first! But I'm already acostume to this golfpride tour velvet, probably I will use that!
Thanks dude! What about edwin Watts or golf galaxy? how are the service from this websites?
It is the standar R7 425 and I already check on the taylormade website and figure it out that the tip size is 350" :P whats that shaft depot I never hear of that place? :O
Does anyone know whats the tip size for R7 425? I think it is 350" What website I can fin this shaft at a good price?
so I was fitted for this shaft and I'm going to reshaft my R7 425 with this! How have been this shaft for you guys out there who has it on your driver?? I just want to hear your personal opinion about it! Also I want to know whats the tip size of my 425? I'm buying the shaft over internet, and a good friend of mine who reshaft clubs it is going to reshaft my driver for free Also what website will you recommend me to buy this shaft? I have seen then on...
thanks! :)
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