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I'll be there on Saturday! My first tournament I will have gone to ever :)
Slice City.
Haven't played a round by myself but so far I always end up alone at the driving range/practice green. I enjoy the comraderie of another player personally and unlike SirMilton have found that having someone to bounce ideas off is quite helpful (I am an amateur car racer). Since moving to FL I have stopped racing now that I have no partner - it was 8hrs of standing around by myself in the heat and making no progress. When I had a partner we could discuss the differnent...
Anything over about 100yards. Go 8 jillion handicap!
Crandon Golf Course in Key Biscayne (Miami, FL area) - it's CC quality and has been used on the Senior tour a bunch of times. Greens are stupid fast and heavily contoured making for some tough putting. Balls much off the fairway are OOB and lost to the Mangrove or Water Gods. Very scenic with views of Miami across the water and tons of wildlife including huge iguanas. Price is ~$30-60.
I've played worse :D
Pulled from their website.I think they do look at those factors ;)
Poor Matt, I think he was a better player than Kevin or Benoit. All of them really struggled with the slow greens though which surprised me after the first hole or two. Still not digging how they do eliminations and would prefer more time devoted to the shots but still an enjoyable show. Wish they would rerun past seasons or get them on Netflix.
Depends where I go - the local 9 we've been going to recently I have only lost 1-2 in three visits and that's due to rough where the balls sits way down and you just can't see it. Another nearby place is like infinite ball loss :D It has dense Mangrove trees on all sides and water hazards on several holes. One hole I just start by taking the drop... I have no handicap yet, I just started!
I prefer the WS model personally although they don't quite offer the model I'd like (2ball with black stripe). The all plastic insert felt funny to me, very soft - having played a course with PGA-like greens though it might have been handy there.
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