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I like to ride my bicycle, play tennis, swim, in-line skate, ski, play racquetball, run and fish.
Thanks for the info on the "E" on the Hogans clubs. I took the clubs out to the range for their first swing test and i hit better than i have ever hit before...right down the middle and distances i've never encountered with irons before (for me). i was hitting my 4 iron 200 yards while using my 1 (real wood) wood at 225. I did have probs swinging the 3 iron though. i don't know why. I'm very pleased with the clubs purchase and that the seller came through for me.
I was a Florida transplant in Denver for many years. Go Rox!
I've never seen it. Is it good? I have had trouble getting into his music and I've tried many a times.
Update: After I escalated the issue with Paypal Claims, the clubs magically appeared at my doorstep 2 days later with a shipping date that matched the day after I created a dispute with Paypal. I knew he hadn't shipped them. It was probably due to laziness or forgetting. I am very happy to have the clubs and I look forward to swinging them. They are in great shape and exactly as described. Question... They are Ben Hogan forged irons. There is a club with the...
Does anybody participate in Inline Skating? My wife and I are going to be getting our first pairs. We want to up our exercising without having to go to a gym. This is more fun. It's been recommended to get K2 or Rollerblade brand skates by a friend. What are your opinions. Any suggested models purely to be used for exercise/recreation...no tricks? I know the way they fit is the most important these days. Also recommendations on helmets/pads companies? I was hoping...
Well, there has been absolutely no communication coming from the seller so I escalated it to "claims" at Paypal. He buys/sells on Ebay often so I don't think I will have a difficult time getting my refund. In the event that the clubs eventually show up, I will be very happy. There are many other clubs out there so I'm not set on these obviously. I'm just disappointed how it all ended up, ya know?
I have bought and sold things on ebay over the last few years with no problems so I decided a shot at some 7 year old Ben Hogan forged irons (to help improve my game a bit) off of Ebay. The seller had good reviews so I figured...I have little to lose. I won the auction and they sold for $39 and $17 shipping. Boy, was this a mistake. I should have known better. It's been just about 3 weeks and I have yet to receive my irons. The seller has been poor at communicating...
nice rigs! i play an american fender strat with lace sensor pickups and a martin 6 string. i have no pics unfortunately. i also have a fender stage lead 2-12 solid state amp that has been beaten up on tour, but still works. mostly, i plug right into the pa system and use a nice multi-effects boss pedal. i forget which one though.
Holy cow!
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