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I just discovered this group, Phantogram and I'm liking some of their songs.  
Nice! Now that maes a lot of sense.
Nice! Thanks! In that last swing, how does the head movement looks?
That's what I thought too. :D
I didn't knew that Chris know about 5SK - what a great argument to promote the clinic down here, right @iacas? - but I would like to ask this, to a tour player and someone like Tiger, let's just suppose that Chris only knew about 5SK, what Keys would be the one a tour pro should focus?
So i had the chance to take some vids today and some nice - well only two - face-on videos. Got a driver video where you can see the ball trajectory I'm getting of the majority of my shots.    First a 6 iron, in which I was doing the same. I'm still having a hard time keeping my head steady.     Then I took the driver of my cousin and hit some ball. they told me the fence was at 270 yards - not to show off or something - but with the new Taylormade 5 wood the ball...
 This idea could work. Let me send you that PM. 
I would love too but what if no one in here - Mexico - knows about it?
I think that around here no one knows about that or if they know they will have misleading information.Is there a thread in here about it? :)
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