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 Indeed it doesn't hurt to see her again. 
Found this vids from when I was in Aguascalientes.       
 Some people - quite a few - have recommended me Etymotic headphones. Will nee to search if they are available in somewhere in Mexico.   Let me do a quick search on those Audio Technica. Thanks!
Played yesterday a best-ball tournament to give the caddies ome turkeys from Christmas. Played acceptable but couldn't played other shot than a pull-fade - if it started to the left - or a big slice. Someone of the gruop recorded this video. Don't know why with the driver I lift my right feet that much and quickly.   
Ahhh. Didn't know that.    So if I exclude the noise-cancelling part and I want a headphone that gives that sound quality but also a bit of bass deepness... where should I look?
I don't know if I would be happy with changing batteries. Is that something that would be needed for noise canceling headphones?
 Ahhh! That changes everything! Will need to go and try them! 
 Nice! Thanks! Are they... emmm... how to ask... comfortable? I usually don't like in-ear cause sometimes my ears hurt.  Well not my ear but where they are placed. 
Hey guys!   As above, I'm looking for some nice headphones. Just remember around here we don't have a lot of brands.  I have tried some of the ones we have available here.  - Bang & Olufsen: I have the Beolit12 speaker and I thought the headphones would be as good as the Beolit but no. I mean the sound is sharp but where's the bass? The Beolit12 with his 100 watt power gives you a nice punch, why they didn't do something similar to the headphones?  - Beats: I tried...
 Nice! Thank you! Will definitely have to try this Volvik balls. Let me do a quick search at Edwin Watts Golf online store. 
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