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I voted "Yes" but nothing crazy. I was going to ask today about this. My clubs well they could be considered old since they are still the same as in my signature. But when my cousin started to play he bought a Taylormade R1 driver. We went to the range and the difference between the 905R and the R1 were significant. The only measurement I have of my swing is from when I go to the simulators that were recently installed in a new place my driver swing speed is 120mph. So...
 Huh... I guess I missed that one on the YouTube channel. Will put it on practice. I don't have that foam half sphere but maybe one of those "anti-stress" foam balls could work?
 Be my guest, I would be happy to be featured in a thread.  The second part in bold, yes I have always battled with that and didn't have a clueon how to fix it. Will try to do that, put the weight on the toes and report back to you. 
Check this images out. This is what I was talking a few posts before. My hands when they are coming back, they are kinda out of my body with the club coming way back and then reaching impact they get very close to my left thigh so I think that is causing it to fade cause my hands are coming out to in... am I right?   4 iron. This was actually a nice shot.      5 iron... this was a very bad shot.   
Mike @mvmac, question.    I still want to go to do a fitting to check that my clubs have the correct angle and that stuff but what would happen (ball flight) if my irons are 2° upright but my swing has changed to a flatter lie. Don't know if this makes sense. In an expo a guy lend me the board that they use for checking the lies. He gave me the standard 6 iron to try and I was expecting to see the mark towards the toe of the club. To my suprise it was in the center. 
Nope. I will try to get one but the things between the matts on the range make it very difficult to get one.
Woohoo! Contact on the last two videos was nice, 5 wood was nice too, driver 2, 4 iron and 8 iron, contact was also good.But for example in the video of the five iron I still got that push fade, almost a push slide.
Got the chance to hit some balls today... don't know how this is progressing... :(   PW     8 iron     7 iron     6 iron     5 irons... some good, some bad.      4 iron     5 wood     3 wood     Drivers       I don't remember what iron was this one     7 iron again     I think I need to do something radical to really correct this.    I think too that the take away was not that bad... but still at the top going a...
This might be a silly question but with which hand do you control your swing? The only lesson - if can be called like that - was the one the pro of the club where I used to play, he gave me the tip to control my swing with the left hand. So I try to do evrything with my left hand. So when I'm trying to rotate my hand to point the face towards the ground on the take away, it's kind of hard.    Will try to give the "truning the steering wheel to the left" a try. I've been...
 Nice! I haven't tried this on the range. Got some videos from last session and I was dissapointed... no progress. :( But I was watching some of your videos and I will try something tomorrow. I will try to have my knees a bit more open. Did a couple of practice swing here at home and it feels different. Let's see what happens tomorrow. Also I was watching in my videos that I tend to "sweep" the club going into the backswing. Should I try like picking it up faster and...
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