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 Fantastic! Really loking forward to practicing this on the weekend. 
 Started working on this. What I'm trying to feel is first, leaving my head steady or if anything trying to feel that it's getting back and not moving forward, if that makes sense. Then I feel like I'm trying to pull down the club down and not to the right. My old feeling was to try to swing to the right, maybe that's why it was getting way behind me and then I had to swipe the ball to the left. Was practicing yesterday at home and I feltlike I could even swing a lot...
Something a bit different but I liked it a lot.    Valerie June   You Can't Be Told     Workin' Woman Blues     Pushin' Against A Stone  
Nice @nevets88 ! I like the way the previous singers sang but Noemie Wolfs has a spectacular voice. It's a shame they are not that popular in the world. I wish someday they come to Mexico and play that live with orchestra concert. 
Thank you, Mike! :) When I saw it, in my head the thought was: my head is moving. Will work on that, firing my left arm quickly. Does this means that I should control my swing with my left arm? The steady head drill is going to tough, but will work hard on it. Also, the takeaway, it looks better right? :D
Went to practice today and ifI got like 15 shots out of 100 thart went they way I wanted - a slight pus-draw - was too much.   Finally got chance to get that face-on video. Tried to get the angle right but it's difficult cause of the things that separates the stations.    7 iron     7 iron     8 iron     7 iron     Sliced 6 iron... like 70% of my shots were like this     5 Wood       Driver... awful... :(     Heel-ed Driver I tried...
Mike, @mvmac I was watching my videos in an app I have and found out something that I think should not be there… would like to hear your feedback and maybe how to fix it. I think this might be the cause of why my weight ends up in the heel. This is at setup At the top of the backswing At impact Look at how much my head moved from the vertical line! Is that normal? I'm guessing it is not. Also, the shaft is not pointing at my belt buckle as you comment on some...
It's been a while when I posted on this thread and I think it might have been when I was studying.    Now I'm a Financial Advisor. I made a little Consulting Business and I help my customers to achieve their goals. 
One of my favourite albums: Hooverphonic - Live With Orchestra    And this piece is truly majestic.   The World Is Mine     Happiness     Renaissace Affair     Mad About You     2 Wicky     Vinegar & Salt     The lyrics of this song is great. It amazed me, especially when today all "lovers" songs talk about some kind of self destruction, this one is not. it's great. Do not want to spoil it but listen it till the...
AsTRonoMia by Tony Igy  
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