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I think I already have seen all those vids. :)
Before I went to Aguascalientes, I was a 16, I used to finish my rounds very angry cause I was playing only one day per week and I knew that if I had the chance to play more I could have a better handicap.    Then I moved to Aguascalientes, where I used to play every single day, at least 9 holes and hit some balls at the range. I arrived in late July, maybe the last week, and started playing a lot. In November I shot my first Even par round but most of the time I was...
This is an amzing piece. I enjoy it a lot.   
I really liked Amy Addams when she appeared in the movie "Night at the Museum 2" or something like that as the woman Pilot... forgot her name. In that movie I fell in love with her. 
Discovered this group a couple of days ago, this song is nice.    
Amy Addams is beautiful. 
I think that is one of the most difficult things I will try to do. I have read about it here but tried and fail. :(
 No worries.  Quote:Originally Posted by iacas   Eh, aside from the handle burying a little bit (going left quickly) through impact, it's tough to see at 30 FPS what the issues are. The lower the handicap, the higher the framerate required because the flaws and/or compensations get a lot smaller. You could try the feeling of raising the handle up and out away from you (toward the target) a bit.  That part in bold, is for when I get at impact?     Indeed. My cousin is...
Discovered those thanks to Agnes Obel. Seriously, grab your headphones and play Agnes Obel... you would not regret it!   Plus... she doesn't look bad at all.  
Discovered some new stuff yesterday.    
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