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Mike, @mvmac I was watching my videos in an app I have and found out something that I think should not be there… would like to hear your feedback and maybe how to fix it. I think this might be the cause of why my weight ends up in the heel. This is at setup At the top of the backswing At impact Look at how much my head moved from the vertical line! Is that normal? I'm guessing it is not. Also, the shaft is not pointing at my belt buckle as you comment on some...
It's been a while when I posted on this thread and I think it might have been when I was studying.    Now I'm a Financial Advisor. I made a little Consulting Business and I help my customers to achieve their goals. 
One of my favourite albums: Hooverphonic - Live With Orchestra    And this piece is truly majestic.   The World Is Mine     Happiness     Renaissace Affair     Mad About You     2 Wicky     Vinegar & Salt     The lyrics of this song is great. It amazed me, especially when today all "lovers" songs talk about some kind of self destruction, this one is not. it's great. Do not want to spoil it but listen it till the...
AsTRonoMia by Tony Igy  
I really want an Omega Speedmaster 3570.50, I hope I can buy it next year.     The IWC Portuguese Chrono is lovely!     And the Omega Seamaster AquaTerra     And a Panerai     Eventhough some people don't like them, I think it's a great casual watch.    No Rolex for me so far. I do like the Submariner with gren bezel and dial and the Daytona but I'm not a big Rolex fan. 
I have a little collection of watches. Every one of them has story to tell and I do enjoy watches. I hope next year I can start adding a few more watches that really love.    This was my first watch that I really liked. I remember when I went to the stores and saw it, I dreamed of having it. Bought it around whn I was 16.     This was very special, my gift from my mom and sister when I graduated.       This one is from when I decided to start my own...
Don't know who she is but I would love to have a coffee with her...       Karla Souza     Don't know who this is...     Vintage beauty     I really like Rebeca Hall a lot     Andreea Raducan Romanian Gymnast     Alondra de la Parra     I'll save some images for other days. 
You all know this one... but, wow! That look!      Molly Sims     Don't know who this is...     Eva Green     Don't know who she is...       Amanda Righetti from the Mentalist     Don't know who she is...     Don't know who she is either...     Emily Bett Rickards... wow!     Rachel Brosnahan  
Sounds like a great experience!    I had the chance to play when I was in Aguascalientes with some pros - at that time the PGA Latinoamerica didn't exist - so they were players of the Negra Modelo. I beat them from time to time and earned a few bucks from it, now they are making their way to the PGA Tour, some of them are playing in the Web.com Tour now. I guess I just quited in a bad moment. 
   How did I missed this thread? Erik, you are a man of good taste! I love Kate Beckinsale. I'm not a religious guy for if someone asked me how I would picture a Godess, I would answer: like Kate Beckinsale. 
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