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Look at Martin's face at 3:26 he knows that, that shot went terribly bad, but I believe that he felt a bit of pressure hahaha! Cheers!
Hey guys, I was watching some videos on youtube and found this was, that was quite intresting to me... I will no tell anything more, watch it and you gave your opinion... special attention at 0:59s. Cheers!
So here's the thing, I will be leaving town in December, so probably, golf by January will be over for me, I guess I will be back to a 8-10 handicap, if I'm doing well. Lately, I think, because of this, I have been doing a mess with my game, my putting is definitely off and now my iron play is off and my driving, basically evreything is off and my handicap has been rising, I was hitting rounds around par or under par, now I'm not. So, I will really like to play my...
I loved when I read about it! I wish they could show it in HD but we don't have all channels in HD, but with one more hour I'm happy! Cheers!
In this last tournament, I was playing the par 3 - 226 yards, the green, in relation with the rough it's elevated, missing the green to the right it's difficult to save par, because there is a tree that doesn't let you hit and elevated shot so it also difficult to leave it close, if you miss to the left you don't have major problem. So I hit my shot to the right and ended in nasty rough, my ball was sitting was donw in the grass. So I told my caddy this is goign to be...
Yeap, you get exactly the point is was trying to communicate. Cheers!
I was looking for this thread, cause I will like to know something. On saturday I was playing a bit bad, so I started trying to practice somethings... so I remembered I watch a video of the flying wedge. I didn't know what was it, but I thought according to the video it was keeping your arms straight before impact, so I try to felt that and star hitting the ball amazingly well. On Sunday I stayed with this feeling and hit the ball better than ever, and today that I went to...
Yeap, I tend to make things fun when my game is going south, but the guys in this foursome they get mad because of everything and they caught me with their attitude. So now I'm using this thread to read how you get through a day like this, accept days like this and keep having fun playing the game!Cheers!
I enjoy it and love it, but it's not fun watching your effort going to the trash. Cheers!
Nop to both questions, I think it was lack of confidence, but I think that led to doing something wrong with my technique. Those days suck. About the drill I will start with 30 in row hehe. Cheers!
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