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Thanks Golf Lug!
This is nice! Unfortunately I was late but I did practise something yesterday. My 5 minutes of today ate already done. I wake up early and hit a few putts. With my putt I try to keep the head square thru impact cause I tend to close it by turning my hands... exactly as I do with my iron swing. :(
Went last week to the kooks concert, those guys are good.
 Hehehe thanks man! 
 Uuuuf! Who is this?
I wouldn't mind those...   I also love Michelle Lewin...    
I would love to go but I don't see in the near future getting my handicap updated. :( Thanks for the invite tho.
I think I already have seen all those vids. :)
Before I went to Aguascalientes, I was a 16, I used to finish my rounds very angry cause I was playing only one day per week and I knew that if I had the chance to play more I could have a better handicap.    Then I moved to Aguascalientes, where I used to play every single day, at least 9 holes and hit some balls at the range. I arrived in late July, maybe the last week, and started playing a lot. In November I shot my first Even par round but most of the time I was...
This is an amzing piece. I enjoy it a lot.   
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