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yea same here Im 20 and i jsut started golfing towards the end of this summer only been golfing about 10-15 times but I am completely hooked as well I wish I would have started a few years earlier, but I was one of those guys who played baseball and football my whole life and made fun of golf big regret
I live in Slippery Rock, PA.....cause im a student at SRU, but in the summers I live in Pittsburgh
Im kinda new to golf, but Im not that bad, but in my case I carry My PW,SW and a Lob Wedge
well as I described earlier in my other posts, I am a new guy to the golf game Never played before but Im starting to get into it now. I got my clubs and everything I went on thursday for the first time and I shot a 60(9 holes) I went again the very next day on Friday and I shot a 54. Is this half decent for me at all. The people I was with were impressed for it being my first time any other tips????
hey guys i dont know if u guys remember from last week, but i posted that im new to golf and was was askign about clubs. Well ig to my clubs and i was at the drivign range, I drive the ball 200-220 consistently, and fairly straight most of the time is this range something I should be proud of or should i be shooting for something better?
that those look fine i suppose but those are just irons, i need pretty much everything.....i have no gold equipment right now
Thats not my real handicap, I guess the forum just gave me that as my handicap when i signed up....I never been golfing on a regualr course before so I dont know my handicap I been par 3 a few times and Im real coordinated and athletic so Im sure my handipap wont be terrible, but it still is my 1st time
hey guys Im sure there was once a thread made about this, but Im jsut wondering. Im new to golf and im lookin for a set of clubs to go buy at Dicks Sporting Goods I dont want shitty clubs in terms of brand wise...But i also dont neet excellent clubs or top-brand quality just wondering what kinda brand clubs you guys recommend for someone in my situation
LOL hey guys im a newbie to the whole golf scene I'm pretty much on here just askin for any type of tip or any advice any of you have for me, I am willing to accept it. I been an athlete my whole life playing baseball and football up until the college level, so I am definitly coordination is not a problem I have never actually golfed before though on a real course....I been par 3 before and to driving ranges occassionally. any tips, and also any advice on...
New Posts  All Forums: