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I will check the PGA Value Guide and get back to you on prices.  Everything I own was purchased on eBay or from online golf vendors like TGW.com or Golftown.
  I have a couple new and used sets, all in Regular Flex Apex Shafts (#3):   New Apex Edge CFT 3-E [PW] Apex Edge 2006 3-E [PW]   Used Apex Edge CFT 3-F [GW] Apex Edge Pro 3-E [PW] Apex FTX 3-E [PW]
+1 on the Hogan FTX.  Too bad you need a stiff, I know of an available set but it's regular flex.
  Having said that... I just pulled the trigger on a set of Wilson Ci9s with the FST ss105 steel shafts.  Was looking for something that didn't look quite so much like shovels.    Should be here in a few days, I'll compare and contrast and report back.
Ping G5s are great irons, you'll enjoy them.  I've been playing mine since 2009.
Latest response from Cleveland, just now:   "Call your authorized Cleveland retailer and order part # 33856.  Big box stores like Golfsmith and Dick’s will not be able to order the grips, but other accounts in your area should be able to assist you with your purchase."
Cleveland Customer Support's response when I contacted them last week:   "The original grip was a Lamkin grip (part # 33856) has a .650 butt size.  Any grip that has a .650 butt size will fit on this club.  You can order the part # from your local authorized Cleveland retailer or you can try and see if Lamkin has any replacement grips to sell." 
Just got off the phone with Lamkin - they have discontinued their .650 core Cleveland replacement grips and have no more in stock.     Hmm...
Hi there... I have a couple Cleveland Mashie hybrids and just purchased a used Cleveland Classic 290 driver off eBay.     These clubs have shafts with a .650 butt end.  Anyone know of any good sources for replacement grips that will fit?   I've been told that .600 core grips like Sharpro or Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound will just not fit.  True?   Thanks, Bob in St. Paul MN 
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