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Not much you can do about a broken club but to take it in. As for regripping, I usually tried to do that in the dead of winter right before a major snow storm.
My personal best (from the whites) is 81. Normally, I am in the high 80s. I tell people when I start routinely shooting in the low to mid-seventies, I'll think about moving back to the blues, but not 'til then.
I recently moved to another state, and while I miss my regular playing partners of old, I am also one of those who plays better as a single. First off, I hate being pushed by the group behind which can sometimes happen if you are part of a threesome or foursome. In that case, I find myself rushing my shot and screwing up. Playing solo, I almost never get pushed by a twosome or threesome behind me, so that gives me plenty of time to concentrate over the ball without...
Fear not, 3Q. Why do I think it is coming your way if, in fact, it hasn't already?
Hate to be the one to ruin your day, but I can't believe you are unaware that state legislatures do this all the time.http://www.legis.state.pa.us/CFDOCS/...r=0336&pn=1931 or how 'bout this one:http://www.legis.state.pa.us/CFDOCS/...r=0333&pn=1929
On the contrary. Whenever you beat your personal best by three strokes, that is absolutely something to brag about. That is a real chest-thumper, pard!! Nice going!
Hopefully your mini-rant provided some relief. At least here you will get some sympathy. My experience with truly boorish individuals (and fess up...yours, too, right?) is that the more severe and numerous their offenses, the less likely they are to feel any sense of guilt or shame surrounding their actions. In fact, if you confront them on their behavior they are more than likely to take offense at your offense and come up with some truly outlandish rationale on why...
Thank you, Wulff. Thank you, thank you, and again, thank you!
You guys got it all wrong! I predict just the opposite. When Michelle grows into a woman instead of a goofy little girl, I look for her to pull a fairly low-key Sean O'Hair. When she is strong and mature enough to put her parents in their rightful place and take full control of her game (and not incidentally her life) there is no reason why her considerable talents should not develop to where she is a dominant force in woman's golf. This, of course, also presumes...
I don't think the appropriate question has to do with "fairness". As MGP pointed out, as long as everyone is playing the same course, that's fair. The better question has to do with whether or not the USGA can provide the severest possible test of golf for the best players in the world, and still have that course set up be "reasonable". They haven't always done that, but this year, I think they got it right. The evidence that they have, are the rounds by Nick...
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