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Explain how that was disrespectful? I shared my feelings on the topic. You just shared your feelings on my post, does that make your post disrespectful? No. It's just your opinion. I think your talking this in the wrong way.Oh and last time I checked I did say this site is a good site, and I have been a member here for 1 1/2 years. I'm just curious if iacas got the idea for the contest after seeing the reactions of various companies and/or the increase in members at...
You seem to have completely missed the point of my post. Lemme try this again. You've heard the old saying "practice makes perfect," right? Well I feel that's wrong. If you practice bad habits you're just reinforcing them. I think the saying needs to be "perfect practice makes perfect." If you practice the right things you will get better. So take a Tour players 1000 range balls, they are practicing with an swing coach every time, and their mechanics are amazing. Now...
Iacas, I noticed that you guys are running a contest here on the site for 2 Leupold range finders. I think that is a great idea, and I commend you for your generosity. I am also a member over at The Hackers Paradise, and I have switched my time to that website as I feel it is a better site, although this one here is also a solid site. But I wonder where you suddenly got the urge to do a contest and give away a few rangefinders. I say this because, as you now I...
You realize that Tour players hit 1000's of balls in a week. Most people can't afford to hit the same amount of balls as Tour players. Plus Tour players practice with a purpose, and IMO practicing with a purpose is better then just randomly hitting the driver a bunch of times.
Not quite, with 110 MPH swing speed you can expect a MAX carry, that's perfect swing, perfect launch, perfect spin, perfect contact, perfect everything, is 275 yards. Granted that's on level ground, but you get what I'm saying. And on the iron loft thing, no set of clubs has 8* of difference between another set. the reason some sets of irons have stronger lofts is because they launch the ball higher so the loft keeps everyone from majorly ballooning the ball. Even then...
Something isn't adding up here, with those numbers a 175 9 iron just doesn't make sense, and you don't live in like Utah where the air is super thing and you hit the ball farther.
What is you SS with your driver and your 6 iron? 175 for a 9 iron is above Tour pros average, and they play X shafts, you got S300s. If you really hit your 9 iron 175 then you went with the completely wrong shaft for your swing.
Okay, you've already gotten your irons, but a 175 yard 9 iron? Give me a break, you need to grab a GPS and get the real numbers. Plus you need to get on a hole where there is no wind, and also no elevation change at all.
I used to game J33 CB's and they were great. Bridgestones make great irons, I would say if your looking at the ZB's (which I game now) I would say check out the J36's. You can mix and match with all 3 models (blades, cavities, and pocket cavities)
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