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It's a myth the sweet spot is smaller of the smaller head. It's the same size on all heads, ie about a millimetre. Forgiveness off centre and moi etc ate different things though. You need to hit away from centre to notice. I'm just as long with my old 983 and 510 TP as I am anything else.
Yeah, this shaping thing, one club versus another. It's a confusing thing that only seems to exist in golf forums. In truth, it's pretty bogus. In reality, one club may have a lower cog compared to another, as in this case, the AP2 have a lower cog versus the CB. This means with the right shaft and swing, the CB is most likely to fly lower. So side spin may have a bigger effect for a certain golfer. This may mean the golfer has more control as the CB takes less effort to...
I love practice, have played for many years, I buy loads of stuff and I can find positives in all sorts of stuff. I love the one plane and stack and tilt debates, they work for many golfers and help many handicappers, you just work on the range and find something that suits you. justvgreatvdebates to get involved in, they broaden the mind when it comes to how to swing the golf club. I'm a Hogan man myself, grew up with his book, but for the life of me I'm finding the...
They might look great now, as they always do, but they look awful after some clatter
Science and common sense is against you I'm afraid, but what evidence have you that its torque and nothing else that you can feel between a MAS and a V2? I can only be blunt and say this is the sort of the thing that gets posted on the internet and its just totally wrong. You only need to speak to experts such as Tom Wishon to understand this. What you felt was not the difference in torque, certainly not the difference between 3 and 2. Why would you think one shaft with...
But again, the difference you felt will have a hell of a lot more to do with the tip, the weight, the overall profile, the MAS and the V2 are miles apart spec wise, these things do not have to attributed to torque! The torque differences between the two will have had little or nothing to do with how they felt. I'm sorry but no way in a million years will you have felt the difference between a 3 and a 2 torque rating shaft across brands.
No offence but that comparison is more about swingweight, or even static weight, its got nothing to do with torque
Its feel. AS I said earlier, some low torque shafts may feel boardy to some players with low swing speeds. Pros have been tested on several occasions and despite what a lot of posters write on forums, feeling the difference between around 2 and 5 is impossible. Under 2, some players can definately get a sensation of bordiness.
Few golfers will feel the difference between say 2 and 5, but its fair to say that unless you swing the club relatively fast then the really low ratings, 2 or under, will feel very boardy. Its more about feel than anything. Torque used to be around 10 and above.
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