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Thanks , it's the only thread that I ever win with. An annual 2-peat! Lol.
For the Honda he adds almost 30%. He doesn't move the needle, he is the needle.
Yes, it is becoming a premier event. The course is fantastic and first rate. It hosted the 83 Ryder Cup, the 87 PGA, and a slew of Senior PGAs.
Thompson was great. He talked about his days at Alabama and what it was like winning for the first time. He was flew in from Cali and couldn't have been a more down-to-earth guy. When asked if anyone on tour has asked him for advice about winning at PGA National, he said not yet but he expects to get a few more requests for practice rounds in a few weeks. He said that the guys at Alabama ask him a lot of questions and he has a good relationship with the squad. He also...
This year's edition features golf's finest with Tiger, Rory, Sergio, Z Johnson, Scott, Rose, Stenson, and Phil!
Michael Thompson takes questions as the returning champion at this year's press conference.
Would it be that the post lacked the normal OCD type details? But you know it's me, that's the Casablanca poster you sent me for Christmas! 
I returned for the first round in 2 months time last Saturday with only one range visit the week before. Expecting ugliness I hit 9 greens and shot a 79. I just have to laugh. No real thoughts other than to feel my balance and to stay behind the ball.  
Badge envy!!!
I have been out-of-action for a while, thanks for the recognition! 
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