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Scotty all the way, ive used both and none of the odessey's can replace my scotty
I love my vokey's, there great
Just wanted to let everyone know, that after 4 months of searching I just picked up a set of Titliest 735CM's Thanks everyone for the advice and help on clubs, you guys really helped =)
Well Im looking for a set of forged progressive set of irons, right now Im looking at the 735's, which I can find any where with the rifle shafts already in them, if anybody knows where I can find a set let me know. But I want to know what other companies have a progressive set like these. These are the ones I know of... Titleist- 735's Bridgestone- J33 combo Taylormade- TP MB Combo Nike- Pro Combo is that all of them, and what are the + and - of each of them???
Thats what I thought, but anyways thanks for the help, im getting a set of 735cm's from edwin watts with the rifle shafts in them and then im going to get them fit somewhere else... so i solved my problem =)
thanks for all the help guys, this is some great advise
Well i've been trying to get a new set up clubs for sometime now, and after months of looking, I thought that I found the ones that I was looking for, the Titleist 735's, only to find out that Titleist is no longer making them, and the only place to find them is in stores that still have a set in stock from over 3 months ago or on the web. So after the guy that I was going to get my clubs fitted from told me this, i tried some other clubs, the 755, 695cb's and mb's as well...
those are the blades that he is using, im pretty sure that they wont be coming out for awhile, golfwrx has had pics of those for a while now
Ya, ive seen um, there really cool looking ^^ heres a link http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=44155 thats alot of the new clubs that will be coming out in '08
I play hockey as well as golf, been playing since I was 5, and last year my team was the best AA hockey team in the Southeast Region, we where ranked 13th in the nation =)
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