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I already exhale just before I swing, it relaxes me.
For now I find that that particular swing thought promotes a better contact. Even if it still isn't working properly, I'm definitely hitting better than I was. In time, no doubt I will find something else to initiate the swing but as I swing back on exhaling, I do think that one thing. I will definitely work on it though.
Nope, do I appear to be then? I'm really not up on the terms. You mean I should keep my wrists more firm and drive down into the ball? How do you measure those angles so I can check myself in future? If you've already told me on your reply, I can't see images at work so just point me back to your original post. :D What would you suggest for hip/shoulder turn? This is weird, as my swing thought with irons is "drive down on the back of the ball", obviously this isn't...
Well it seems like I'm having to convert, the programs just don't like too high a file size but I can keep the frame rate when I convert and I didn't realise my new computer could convert in seconds. Here's a video from a recent round. I had no idea that my left arm was collapsing so quickly after contact, I'll be working on this to improve consistency. Notice the tee bounces up and hits the back of the club!
I started out on Eye2s and I'll never sell them. When I've got enough money to worry about two sets of clubs, I'll have them regripped but they're never being sold or thrown out.
Just tried to use Sony Vegas to convert and it doesn't even recognise the videos. :|
OK I've got a few videos now to upload and I want to get some software to analyse but I'm having trouble. I've been recording in 60fps HD mode on my Kodak ZX1, saving as .mov, and neither V1 Home or JC Basic software will load the videos. I would like to avoid having to convert every video I take before I analyse it... does anyone have any idea what I can do to make these work?
I'll go with 293. Solid score.
I'm going to promote a company from my home country and suggest the same bag I have... http://www.mdgolf.co.uk/acc-MDBag.aspx
You've left out their best forward and their best centre back there... Don't be surprised if Fabregas doesn't start big games, either.
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