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Most of the course in La Crosse opened up last wednesday, I got nine in on thursday. Feels good.
Actually the name is deceiving its probably the flattest course in the area. The wind plays a huge factor there and so does water, there is water on about 11 holes I think. The fescue grass is always fun too.
Viroqua Hills is a decent course, I am not a fan of forest hills so much. If you want to play a really nice course without dropping a lot of money, try the mountain in trempleau. Probably the nicest course around for the money, they usually run a special in the summer for 18 holes and a cart for around 30-35 dollars.
Welcome, I am from La Crosse.
I probably would have punched the guy in the face
Thats impressive
I like the vokey I just got
Good Job.
igolf neo http://www.igolf.com/
I am not counting out the cleveland wedges, I am just glad I went with a vokey. I am sure if I was a better ball striker I could get the one hop and stop with a different wedge but the spin milled wedge allows me to have worse contact and still get the stopping power on it.
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