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Find a "swing guru" who you can trust 100% in and never look back. If he/she is local or close to you then it is better. Cheers and have fun!
One guy I play with carries 250m consistently, with about 85% chance of hitting the fairways. His long game is truly enjoyable to watch... Right now, I would only be comfortable with a 200-yard lake.
i don't think i have any business playing my stiff shafts...but i bought the clubs used with very little club knowledge. the misses seem to be right, although they aren't exactly low... but definitely right. i am also noticeably shorter than my playing buddies who are of similar handicap... i have really warmed up to the irons, but the longest one i carry is a 5i.
played 9 holes, was +5 after 7 holes and finished off strongly with an 8 and 9 on the last 2 par 5s, thus scoring 48. the practice with irons is showing results, but now would be the right time to get a new club to cover the gap between driver and 3 hybrid. will also consider adding a 60' vokey spin-milled.
i am a huge fan of many sports... so i feel like chipping in here. i have experienced inter-school tournaments with table-tennis, soccer and tennis. i have also played hand ball, volley ball, hockey, rugby, football, badminton, bowling, pool with friends and family. out of all the sports i mentioned, the only professional coaching i had was with tennis. my friends and i picked up the rest of the sports recreationally, and some of us became good enough to compete in...
i believe... in playing golf during non-peak hours i believe... looking good helps to a certain extent i believe... i can reach a single-digit handicap i believe... i will continue to play golf as long as i can
shot a 106... blehhh. driver was good, and am trying to instill a "swing left" mentality to most of my clubs. will start putting in more practice chipping and putting, as it is the worst aspect of my game right now.
going to the range at least once a week has become a routine lately. also, i also almost hold a golf club everyday, and swing in front of the mirror.
1) make my swing more pleasant to the eye 2) become at least a 15 hdcp (i have more opportunities to play than before)
you have a huge gap between 5-iron and 4-iron, how do you deal with this? we have similar distances up until 4-iron.
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