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So Pros aren't above blaming their crap play on something unrelated.
For what it's worth Im sure Rocco would laugh and agree.
Probably 110 and down. I'm pretty confident with my 8 iron, but not totally sold, so I say 9 iron and down and I'm very sure I can do it.
59-56-55. I haven't been playing much lately because of lacrosse and I've completely lost my drive. I had a perfect iron game and didn't get it back towards the end of the second 9. Also, the greens were really inconsistent and a lack of rain made them like concrete. I swear you tapped it and it rolled off the green.
A lot of the golfers I know seem to be independent but lean republican.
I used to go to a public school on long island. I remember that I had a teacher that was 28-35 and making over 100k per year. It was a top public school and he was the highest paid, but it's still pretty crazy for a teacher to make 100k, and I think it says something about how the value of 100 thousand has gone way down. I mean, you can't seem to buy a house in a good area (location, etc.) for less than 250k.
Two kids from my school played the Honda Classic pro-am on monday and were in a group with him. As a side note, the director paid the entrance fee for top high school players from the area with a lot of hype around them and intentionally put them with him, I guess to build up hype or something. Anyways, they were shocked with how short he was, especially when he outdrove one of them(6'1) pretty consistently. That said, they weren't impressed. Everyone in the group was...
My goals: Make Varsity golf team (unlikely, it is sort of one of Jack Nicklaus's pet projects so the kids are amazing) Make JV golf team (if I can't make varsity) Play bogey golf over 9 holes (45 or less, already have a 47 and 46) Shoot under 100 consistently Shoot under 90 Improve short game (this is what I'll need to do to do most of my goals)
It's a real problem. I've had to get my own driving range with enough distance, and the only time I can use my driver is about a half swing. I'm starting to take tips from 30 handicappers so I can shorten it out a bit.
My club has men's ratings for all tees. I shoot very low 100s (usually 100-104), so I suppose I could (and maybe should) move up, but I'd feel less manly
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