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Also, The Jets blew there win and I'm a huge Jets Fan. The Jets and the Bills suck. I was hoping Dallas lost though.
Lol, if that neighboor saved those pennys... I hope the Yankees win though.
suzann petterson
Ernie Els for sure. It's just... PERFECT.
She can launch the ball also. From what I heard.
Cart riding, but I'll walk if needed. It's much quicker.
Last night at my lesson, I hit 4 or 5 good ones in a row.
Suzann Petterson. I saw her last night and I'd say can compete with Gulbis or anybody in looks. What are your prespectives on her?
Tea, Every time before a 9:00 tee time, i'll drink tea.
Get some irons. If you want to play on the golf team, your clubs have to fit you.
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