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Caddyshack, I was in the same boat as you where in back in Sept. when the 10 series just came out. I previously had the tour edge bazookas ( super game improvment) I was feeling a need to upgrade, I didn't real have to but once it was in my head, it became a losing battle with the tour edges. Anyways I demoed both the I and the G fromt he 10 series. The I thought the G's head was to big and felt like a super game pimprovement iron, disn't feel like I was upgrading...
Does the DSG on the CG12, only come on the club that rusts? Or can you get it in chrome or black pearl
I believe the 2 week rule for reservations only applies during the winter months , when the prices are higher. I think they act like the rest of florida golf and charge more during the northern cold months, for people like us making treks down. Not that disney has a quiet time.
Mine was not the X hot, just the x version. I got mine just as the x hot's where coming out last year, so I am not sure if it was an 06 or 07 to be honest. But it was the model that was just before the x hot
I was in your same spot about a month ago. I had a callaway x 3wood. I loved it off the tee but I could never get it off the deck. So I was going to florida earlier this month for a golf trip, and went and tried the g10 3 wood, so I bought it with the pro launch red shaft, and it was significantly better than my callaway. So I am very happy with the Ping. I know when I posted the same question a while back others stated they could not hit the callaway off the deck...
Thanks crafty, thats what I was thinking. I had an aldila nvs shaft on my old original sasquatch driver and this never happened. It started with the G10. I just wanted to confirm my thoughts and didn't want to sound like an idiot when I brought my club to golfsmith and ask to be put on the monitor.
I am not sure if this should be in the equipment or swing sections, so mods if need to be moved please do so. First off I am not a very accomplished golfer but I hold my own for how much I play. I got a Ping G10 10.5 * driver last fall, and have only played with it a few times due to the chicago weather. But I just got back from a long weekend in florida, where I golfed 5 times. Now my question is I am getting no roll at all off of my drives, and most times...
Well we just got back. and it was a great trip. The Disney courses where a bit disappointing, especially if I would of paid full price for them. I would have to say the Osprey was my favorite then Palm then Magnolia. Panther lake at OCN was a GREAT track by far one of my most favorite courses I have played. It was in great shape, and just an all around fun track. Southern Dunes was fun also and a value at $70 with a cart.
I decided to go with a G10 3 wood with the pro alloy red shaft.
those that are suggesting the r7 are you saying last years or the new CGB one. Price wise I hope your suggesting last years model. LOL
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