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UPDATE: I AM STILL FAT. However, I have started walking on the course. I walked 18 holes today at Old Capital in So. Indiana. I am so sore.
Dude, thanks for the info! I PLAYED OLD CAPITAL TODAY and I FREAKIN LOVE IT!
How interesting you would mention those two things. 5 Lessons is the only golf book I have read from cover to cover and the result was that I did break 80 for the first time ever in THREE months. Incidentally, the image of the arms held together with a tightly wound cord is the one that sticks in my mind most vividly, and works very well as a swing thought for me.
INDEED, indeed. Methinks at least TWO gods: The first, a god of line, symmetry, and order. A god of planes and arcs where the laws of speed, trajectory, and spin are constant, and obeyed. Then of course, the TWIN god, who was born second. Not unlike the coyote trickster, this god is a god of deception, wind, and unreadable slopes. A god of cruel tricks and bad bounces, who's favorite pastime is opening the earth to take all golfballs down to places where they...
how'd he do it??
Dudes, (Dudettes?) I am FAT. I am 6' and 300lbs. Now don't get me wrong I LOOK GOOD. HOWEVER I am still FAT. Anybody want to start some kind of contest for weight loss to the end of the year? Being not fat is good for golf, and I figured we could motivate each other. . . Any other FATTIES out there wanna challenge?
Well, the fam is slowly settling down in Louisville after the last decade in NYC. One immediate bonus is cost of golf. The Louisville Metro courses average 12$ weekday walking. I tried out Shawnee, and its fine--great place to score low. Interesting Shawnee trivia: hole #7 has the I-64 overpass behind the green. From the back tee of the short par 4, the overpass is 355 yards away, and about 40 yards high (that's a guess). ACCORDING TO LEGEND, Tiger played...
I think that staying inside your own game when playing with others of differing abilities can be the steepest mental challenge in the game. Wonder what Tiger feels like when pros say "good shot" after something mediocre for him.
Aerosmith is my favorite modern Rock band. Love em from Toys in the Attic right up to the recent "blues" album release.
Yeah, but the deal is, the insurance is really expensive for the human voice. The person has to have a track record establishing worth, and then pay high premiums . . . strange thing. Opera AFLAC anyone?
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