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Seve has been reincarnated.
Well, Jordan Spieth is leading, so that should provide enough excitement for some.
I have several steady guys I play with on Sat. or Sun. mornings, whichever works best for all. I've been playing with one of the guys like this for over a dozen years. He has one of the best swings you'll ever see on a mid (12) handicapper. Problem is he never picks up a club in-between. Best golfing buddy I ever had in 35 years of playing. One of the other guys is a +2 we hooked up with last year, a real character and the best chipper I have ever personally played with....
 Taken from jsgolfer's post: Under 4-1 of the Handicap Manual Unfinished Holes and Conceded StrokesA player who starts, but does not complete a hole or is conceded a stroke must record for handicap purposes the most likely score. The most likely score may not exceed the player's Equitable Stroke Control limit, defined in Section 4-3. This most likely score should be preceded by an "X." (See Decision 4-1/1.)There is no limit to the number of unfinished holes a player may...
 The reaction in my group would be a resounding SO????? It's already been established in this thread that you don't have to hole everything out to maintain a legitimate official handicap.
 All very well stated.  And holing out is not the badge of a legitimate low handicap golfer like some seem to think here.This past year, my buddy and a hooked up with a +2 who had once played really high level competitive golf. He soon became a regular part of our weekend group and we noticed he picked up almost any time he was within a couple of feet. After a few rounds of watching us he started conceding putts, at first prefacing it by saying 'it's more than likely than...
Exactly, Just because some new generation of kids deems something cool doesn't mean it's cool for you. My friends and I also used to laugh at those "black on black" old farts and labeled the few young ones who did it "Mike Tysons".
I think lessons are essential in the beginning. You need to learn the proper basics. After that, most anyone should be able refine their own swing with a little bit of practice.
Conventional deadlifts 5 x 5, 340 lbs Bent-over rows            5 x 5, 235 lbs EZ bar curls                 5 x 8  100 lbs 12 minutes cardio and 5 minutes stretching at end.
Obviously you do. Afterall, you went through the trouble of finding and posting in a thread about it. Oh, the irony. On a separate note, I hope Natalie knows what she's doing. This guy admitted that his powerbands were basically a placebo, the company had to declare bankruptcy and he lost it as a result. Plus, from what I understand he never played a single down as Yale quarterback. Hope Nat got an ironclad prenup.
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