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Pretty much how i'm trying to approach my practice time at the range. Definitely had to downgrade from the Jumbo or my girlfriend was leavin' me
Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, I can't view any video here @ work, but I will definitely check them from home.
Thanks for the graphic. I just picked up the game (seriously) two months ago. At the range this weekend about half of my drivers were from the #9 region, yikes...
New York Ranger fan here! I'm definitely looking forward to the upcoming season. Lots of Penguins fans on these boards, which is great, they can use the fanbase. The Pens are the only team i'm worried about in the east, because as someone else pointed out, they definitely have the capability to build a dynasty over these next few years.
Hello from NY as well. I'm a newbie from the forgotten borough of New York City, Staten Island.
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