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Sorry for the non-technical wording in my example. My point was that when he decided not to look for his ball and just play the provisional, that as a practical matter he was "treating" his original ball as lost. So in this particular example, when the pro putted his provisional, the original ball was "deemed" lost.
 Agree, and I have given the example of the "pro with the shank" which under the current rules provides the same relief and situation as if a provisional were allowed for an unplayable.  I was addressing the last example by David in FL, where the original ball had a "perfect lie".At my level, if i thought that I could at least hack the ball out somewhere near the green or maybe even on the green I would do it. Who would benefit from the this rule change are the beginners...
 Just to add that, a competitor is under no requirement to look for another players ball. However, like my last post said and what is highlighted above, you can look for a ball and if found the player must identify it. In head to head match play I have seen this, but in medal play, when someone doesn't want to look for a ball, I have found that players will oblige immediately.
 I understand your point, but I think that you are wrong in assuming that a golfer would automatically take the provisional and a 4.  This might vary with the level of play for a particular golfer. In your example, I wouldn't take the provisional when I have a clean shot at making a 3 and no worse than a 4.
Agree 100%.If I were playing a match against a player I might just take a quick peek for his ball without trying to appear too "obtuse."   
What can't he do? He shanked his first shot into deep fescue.He announced a provisional and hit it to 1 ft.As we walked off the tee I asked him if he was going to look for the first ball and he said no.
 Sorry, I will rephrase that post: In my example, the pro shanked his tee shot on a 220 yd par 3 into a strip of tall fescue and then played a provisional for a lost ball. He hit the provisional to 1ft of the pin. As we walked off the tee he "deemed" the original ball lost without even looking for it (which he is allowed to do). The original in all likelihood would have been found.  So he did in fact, under the current rules, have a choice between 2 known balls. The...
Sorry man but I have no idea what you are trying to say.
In my example he did have the choice between 2 known balls. The provisional at 1 ft for a tap in 4, or an unplayable with the only option to go back to the tee and re hit. This is exactly the same situation.
That was a step back in the discussion, but thanks for posting.
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