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They're pricey but I just recently tried out the Stickys and they've been unreal. They feel alot traction wise like tour velvets but once you start using them it almost felt like they softened up and became even more tacky. Overall really liked the feel and after a few swings you notice the difference in the material, its a polymer, not a rubber, and feels pretty cool. I'm definitely impressed.
I think the one great advantage of the R9 that people haven't mentioned which will be a huge benefit is the ability to open or close the face angle. Ya you might not tinker with the settings when you get it right but at least this way you can get the settings right. If you like a closed face with draw weighting you can do so, if you're a better player or someone who fights a hook then you can get an open face angle and put the weights where it works best. Most better...
I like Mickelson's response saying this shows why he's so glad to have a stand up, classy guy like Bones McKay on his bag. Nice to see him taking the high road over this new zealand moron, look buddy you're not the one making the shots, let tiger do the talking and shut your mouth. Does anyone think tiger would be any less succesful with anyone on his bag? Know your role, this is the type of stuff that got Fluff canned, hope he gets the same treatment.
I liked a lot of the features of the hoofer bag but have to agree with Jay-Bird that the divider system needs an update for me. I actually bought a hoofer and ended up returning it after putting my clubs in it because I found the woodee divider system on the ogio bag I have to be infinitely better.
I've seen some of the Cleveland staffers playing the CG14 including Boo Weekly when he won earlier this year so they're not just for higher handicappers.
I just bought a new driver a few weeks ago after looking and trying seemingly every model out there. I tried the Superquad and of all of TaylorMade's offerings I liked it the best. Wasn't a big fan of the Tour Burner at all to be honest. Didn't seem to have any feel to it (not sure if thats the shaft?) and the distance wasn't as good either so wasn't even close for me. I liked the superquad but found it wasn't as forgiving as some of the newer drivers out. I ended...
Man I feel bad for you but as some of the other guys have said its a tough break but work through it, the club is still gonna work. As for taking it back to the store and raising an issue. I manage at a retail store and these are the exact type of customers I CAN'T STAND!!! To me it is absolutely repulsive to damage something on your own and try to make a store eat it because of your bad luck. Would you take a brand new car back to the dealer because you got a rock in...
I like Ping quite a bit but have a bunch of brands in my bag and my favourite club overall is still my Cobra driver so I voted Cobra. Plus they have the hands down best commercials so got to give them some love for that.
I just bought the Clicgear 2.0 as well and really like it. Haven't been out on the course yet because we keep getting freak snowstorms!!! but have had it out in the house and it seems really well put together with tons of little features. The tires are solid and roll really nicely and you can't beat how small it folds up. I highly recommend it.
Thanks a ton Supermariodave for the info! I definitely felt what you were talking about but couldn't notice any loss of accuracy so I was getting confused by the ratings but looks like I was just overthinking things as per usual. Thanks!
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