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if you want pics of the f4 pm me with ur email
Sorry just realized ur looking for f2 I have f4
I have just a head I'll sell you for 30$
again, please pm me with your email address and you'll get all the pics you want.
Ok 190$....
If you want pics pm me with your email
Nearly perfect condition, used one season. only surface that isn't perfect is the bottom with baby scratches from normal use. 20g weights make it a forgiving, stable scotty. headcover included of course. just regripped with the only grip i like better than the stock grip, a 20$ iomic. 200$ or very best offer, no low balls or no reply.
I've heard good things about the golf gloves with the wrist aid in them that only let's you cock your wrist the correct way. Would you reccomend one of those ? They are 25$ on eBay
yes my swing is way to flat and inside. i'm not sure how to fix it
guys- every year near the end of the season my swing evolves into a monster- i loose distance like crazy because i am releasing too early, and prolly some other things too. i also have problems with cupping my left wrist in my backswing and i heard there is a glove you can get to promote keeping a flat left wrist. is that effective and should i get one? any other good drills for this problem? normally i hit 155 with an 8 iron and i'm using a 6 irons for that...
New Posts  All Forums: