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I have a brand new never hit TM Tour Burner 9.5 Still flex shaft. IT has the standard ReAx shaft. Standard lie and length. wjmcgreevy@gmail.com or PM me here or reply. Im looking for 165 shipped to the US. PayPal or Money Order. I will consider trades for most stuff just let me know what you have.
I have a 5 iron im looking to move. PM me I will get rid of it cheap.
Dont you think that if the top 120 situation was indeed true that all of the major sports sites would pick up on it and include it in their articles?
Good points by people on how you miss your putts. I didnt mind my long putter. But I bent the shaft and after it was replaced it wasnt the same. It definatley wasnt installed right. I just scrapped it and went back to a regular one. Poing being when I had the long one and it was fit to me and installed right I thought I was gonig to make anything inside 10 ft. But in the end its you not the putter. After a yaer with it I went though the same battles with it as the regular...
According to ESPN http://sports.espn.go.com/golf/colum...t&lid=tab4pos1 After finishing T-12 in what is believed to be her final LPGA start of the season, this may not signal the beginning of the end for Michelle Wie, but it certainly could be the end of the beginning. According to the LPGA, a nonmember (such as Wie) can earn status for the next season by winning a tournament (the T-12 was her best finish of the season), finishing in the top five on the Duramed...
It's actually a contract with Reebok to wear it's NFL apparel. Anyways, I bet a lot of hometown guys at events see his hat or shirt and then say hey that is cool I want one. Esp old dudes who are way too into football.
Project X shafts are actually lighter than DG shafts. PX6.0 is 125 DG S300 is 130 S400 134 and PX 6.5 is 125 also. Slightly variable though. http://www.royalprecision.com/precis..._projectx.htmlhttp://www.truetemper.com/golf/dynamicgold.asp I love my PX 6.0 better than my S300s. They feel much more consistant and I feel like I can "load" then better. I probably hit the ball slightly higher, personally not much though. I noticed no discrepinsy in distance. Much better...
Exactly. I have AP2s, they are a great set of irons in my opinion. PX 6.0.
Thats fine I undestand all that but it doesnt automatically make it a better club just because the head is 460cc instead of 425cc or whatever. And its very possible to hit the sweet spot and still not hit the ball straight.
Worsh psychological move ever, nothing but a great way to put negative thoughts in your head. My partner did this yesterday in our league and well, hit it in the water. 260 for me. 265 and i say ehh, should be no problem and i decide the risk/reward. 270 and were talking if its a scarmble hell ya if its a tournament, im probably not risking it.
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