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Ours is none holes (most leagues I have ever seen or been involved with are none hole leagues), we tee off between 4-5:15, are done by 6:30 or 7 at the latest.
Had great luck with the 52 and 56 gunmetals, have carried them for about 3 seasons or so now. I don't carry a 60, so mine is pristine. The wedges look good, and spin as well as any I have owned.
If you are in reasonably good shape, the 2# difference is minimal for 18, probably more noticable for 36. I think people relate carrying a golf bag for 4+ miles to hiking with a 50# pack all day, and the two really are very far apart. The less weight the better for your shoulders / swing, but a # or 2 just makes little difference to me. Maybe you should change out steel iron shafts to graphite to save a pound or two?
Yes, if it is in season in NC, then you post it. The computer program will usually take care of knowing whether it is in season or not and adjust accordingly.
I usually lay up to 110, pull my PW, and blade it into the pond. A +5.2 handicap? No wonder you can hit driver off the deck.
Driver 230-240 4 wood 205 7 wood 190 4hybrid (22) 175 5 iron (26) 155 7 iron 135 9 iron 120 PW 105 GW 85 SW 70 That is my normal bag of clubs that I carry
I carry an old (maybe 7 or 8 years old) Adams Tight Lies 16* wood, which is considered to be a 4 wood by many people. It is the oldest club in my bag and has suited me fine for years.
I guess that in the past, golf should have just kissed off Bing Crosby and his clambakes, Bob Hope and his Classic, and celebrities through the years such as Jack Lemmon, Bill Murray, Jackie Gleason, George Lopez and others who have been actors or celebrities and also ambassadors for the game. Golf and celebrity are and have always been inextricably linked. The key is that celebrities are sometimes ambassadors for the game. It doesn't mean that I necessarily endorse...
I'd rather see an article about a celeb who is a good golfer and gives back to the game, versus yet another article on how to add 20 or 40 yards to my drive. Frankly, these lists of the 'best 100 entertainers who golf' and the like really irritate me, too. But the interview was at least a bit interesting and appropriate. How about more articles like the one in the same issue on bunkers...articles on golf architecture? or maybe feature municipal golf a bit more, maybe...
In something like a conference tournament, I would definitely go with the club "that you chip well with"...no matter what club. Take what you have confidence in, what you know will work for you, and your score will show it. Good luck!
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