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Fiance expecting Baby...wonder why their getting merried
I agree with the Nike CPR's You could get fit fot these at your local golf galaxy or whatever you have.
During high school we have to and our coach keeps them posted in the hall way for the whole schhol to see. Luckily mine wernt too bad. 1.6 putts per whole ain't bad.
Not Mine i shot Low 80's and Barly made the Jv I was like 14 man. Our #1 man constantly shoot underpar.
If you have a straight back straight threw go ahead and get it but if your stroke is a arc get a heel shafted putter.
Chocolate Luckycharms Frosted Flakes Apple Jacks
O ok, I was just checking. I know BSg doesn't get everything right but I have heard a Lot of stuff from there before any other site the last few years that were right, I guess I'm just a trusting person.
I put 9 but I should have put 8. I have been with the same coach for 3 year and I can nw recognize what people are doing right and wrong
Over the Top is another problem for A LOT of golfers
Good ball is a MUST, Nike or Srixon have the best. My local course has accual Greens and Flags on the range and as they moving the teeing ground back and forth they have a sign that says 147 to RED or 175 to White. Its a great set up, I love it. Also you have to have good mats, Nothing worse then going to a range and having your clubs boucing off it and leaving ugly green scraps on your clubs. Shortgame is a must (2 greens 1 for chipping 1 for putting) Have a...
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