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    Not sure where you are buying your DTS Solo's, but they are $19.99 at Golfsmith (cheaper then the Q Stars which go for $24.99).
Bump Yeah, I'm probably a little early to have asked my original question. Just thought there might be some TM reps lurking on these boards who had a sneak preview or perhaps some golf shop owners who might have got an early look. js
Does anybody know if there's a significant difference (other than the obvious cosmetics) between the 2007 and 2008 Taylor Made R7 CGB Irons? Just asking as I really like the 2007 Taylor Made R7 CGB Irons and now they've dropped in price quite a bit as the 2008's come out. If there's no major difference, I'll probably go for the 2007. Thanks in advance for any information/help. js
Any thoughts on the new R7 CGB Irons for 2008 that look to be released in early November? Any changes beyond cosmetics from the 2007? Just asking since the price on the 2007 is looking really good now. js
TaylorMade here. js
Bio-Tech here. js
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