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Pardon the BlackBerry pics, but here is my current setup.   Ping G2 9.5* Driver ProForce V2 Shaft Knight 3w - LOL, Going to replace this next. Nike Sumo SQ 3H Nike VR Full Cavity 4-AW Cleveland 60* Tour Action Ping i-Series Piper-H Putter  
  Nice headcovers!
I am looking to get a new set of irons. Here's what I am looking at: Taylormade r7 Taylormade RAC OS Nike CCi Irons Nike Ignite Looking for a good set of irons for a higher handicap like myself.
Got a Nike SQ Sumo 21* Hybrid 3 w/ Diamana Graphite shaft for $53 on E-bay. The thing is in mint shape; gotta heck of a deal!
I just replaced my 5 Wood with a 21* Nike Sumo SQ Hybrid 3. Love it. The thing is so easy to hit, and the ball just jumps off of the club.
I may have mis-spoken. My PW & SW are "generic" as are my irons. I have a beginner set of Knight's, and I can't hit the PW or the SW to save my life. I can, however, hit the 52 deg. Callaway X-Tour pretty well. My thoughts are that maybe getting wedges that aren't Knights might help me out, but I'm not sure. I appreciate the input.
Appreciate the replies. I think I'm going to go Snake Eyes. The price coupled with what I am hearing from everyone makes for a good set of irons. Now comes the task of convincing the Wife that I "need" them.
I have been checking out e-bay a good bit lately looking at a new set of irons, possibly. I was checking out Golfsmith online today, and got to looking at their clubmaking products. How is the Snake Eyes brand? All of the reviews that I read were great, but I'm kind of skeptical. I mean... I could possibly build a new set of irons with these for a very good price. Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the help, guys. I think I'm gonna go get the 56 deg. & maybe a 60. WIll probably keep the PW that I have.... for now. I always like to get different/newer clubs. Just got a new Ping I-series Piper H putter, and I love that bad boy. Thanks, again.
Looking for a little help here. I currently have a cheap, no name set of clubs that I am playing with. Last year I bought a Callaway 52 degree x-tour wedge, and I LOVE IT. It works well for me for anything around the green. However, I have a generic PW & SW that I would like to replace with a used wedge from one of my local shops that sells used clubs. What degree wedges would be adequate for a PW, SW scenario? Would these work well with my current 52 degree...
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