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My first post in...almost 6 months!   No, i went the 5.56 route  in both of my AR15's so i could shoot either 5.56 or .223 ammo.   Current list of firearms- Bushmaster Ar Armalite AR Polytech M14 Remington 870 Colt MK70 Wasr 10 AK 47   Really wanting to get a Sage Stock for my M14, maybe a FS200, or a USP if i was old enough :/  
Farewell TST! it has been fun! see you all in December! Semper Fi and hit em straight!
Why not.. I am 18 years old, playing golf for around 5 years now, the lowest handicap i have ever reached is a two, but due to lack of practice and drive, i am something like a 7 now. I played lacrosse, as an attackman, or my senior year as a goalie at the varsity level. (you think golf is hard? try having a one pound ball thrown at you at 80 MPH from 20 feet away.) I graduated high school with a whopping 1.8 cumulitive GPA(I had a 28 as my overall ACT score) I ended alot...
i use a fiarly large grip on my putters... teh equivalent of an "oversize" grip on an iron..none of the superstroke crap... i always thought the slightly larger grip feelds better. Dont ditch the futura yet.. they are great putters, once i went left hand low with mine i was lights out for a while. Just experiment with it. And if your only going to make 70 or so bucks off selling it, hang on to it, it never hurts to have another scotty in the closet when your gamer acts...
solid round! you have accomplished somethings millions never will! Great feeling
i had a futura, (the silver one wiht the red lines on it and the semi circle on the back) and putted lights out for a solid 4 months with it. then one day i picked up a normal putter and realized, "Wow, this thing is ugly." i proceeded to shoot a 43 that day and bought a circa 62 #1 the next day.
as of about a week ago i had 475 various "pro" balls. pro v1, b330, tp black, etc etc that i had accumulated over the years. i then shipped them all to canada for a tidy bit of cash :)
we are gonna need alot more info such as- What do you like your ball flight to be like? are you spinning the ball too much? too little? Do you like to fade or draw the ball? details man! if your just going the cheap route, i loved my V2 for distance, that sucker was long...but i never could get accurate with it, just didnt like the feel of it in the lighter weights.
as of late my favorite has been the 135 yard with my vokey 50. that club set up three birdies at Sanctuary yesterday! Man what a course...
thats the grey one correct? if so i liked that shaft alot.. whiteboard flight without the whiteboard feel!
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