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Those are great. The only one I remember him saying is "When the sun goes down, it's going to get dark."
Whenever I'm playing if one of my buds hits a worm burner off the tee box I always say, "Nice putt!"
After I quit cold turkey it was tough the first round I played as a non smoker. I'm still wanting to try out some cigars on the course but I'm afraid that once my body felt that sweet wonderfull feeling from the nicotine that rushes through your blood and brain I would be a full blown smoker again.
Saw a commerical for Daly Planet while I was watching Tiger's Prey (another goood show which is a 3 part series) and was cracking up. The commerical shows Daly pulling out a cig while walking the course and he says, "You know you have been out on the course a very long time if you gone through two packs of smokes." He then puts the cig in his mouth and tries to light it. After 3 or 4 tries he says, "You know you have been out on the course a very long time when your...
As an ex smoker who also used to smoke during a round I have no problem if someone I'm playing with chooses to smoke. I also don't care if I'm watching golf on TV and Shigeki Maruyama or John Daly or Fuzzy is smoking. I have drank on the course but at the most it was 3 beers. It doesn't happen often as I normally play at 7AM. Little bit early to be drinking. I do have golf to thank for helping me quit though. I told myself Arnold Palmer quit young and look how...
The two guys I play with including myself take a mulligan if we hit a bad shot. If it slices hard into the trees and no one is behind us I will tee up another. We give each one per 18. We don't play for money, we don't play in tournaments, we don't have our handicaps listed with the USGA, we are just a couple of guys hitting golf balls for fun.
It's been slow so I have been reading all I can over at USGA.org. I have played golf for 10 years and never have I read the Rule Book. Stupid, I know, but I'm going to change that. I have come across a few rules that I had no idea were even in there. Like your example of the 2 stroke penaly if you putt out with the flagstick in place. I did that last weekend and wasn't even aware it was a rule so instead of shooting 112 I really shot 114.
Ha ha, you know after I read the response to my first post I started thinking how many people here take mulligans. I was going to start a thread on it but decided not too. I of course take 1 mulligan every nine which I know is against the rules. Just a hypothetical, if every weekend hacker from this point on decided to follow the rule book to the T how much slower would we be talking? I think next weekend I'm going to study up on the rules and play a round to see how...
Well being a 2 handicap versus a 30 handicap I can see why you would not take advantage of the gracious drops. Take this past weekend for instance. My first shot major slice into the woods, no way I'm finding it. There are about 10 pairings behind us. I don't want to hold these people up while I tee up another shot, and probably hit it into the woods so I drive off and drop a ball in the fairway. Me and my playing partner just play for fun. We never break 100 yet we...
Already been mentioned but myself and my partners always play ready golf. We also have no problems taking gracious drops. Say one of us hits the ball into the woods and one of us hits a great shot in the fairway, the person that knocked the ball out will just drop a ball by the one that had the shot in the fairway. That way no one behind us ever has to wait.
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