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Which do you prefer and why?
I thought it was the V1X that needed a faster swing not the V1?
Normally, the less bounce the better for approach shots, chips, etc. The higher bounce, the better from sand. Also, less bounce is best for harder ground. More bounce is better for softer turf. Your swing type can also dictate which bounce is best for you. I would experiment with different types and go with what you prefer.
I always thought the V1 had less spin than the V1X. I read that in the ball test article in Golf Magazine.
I know it's not one of the three you mentioned, but it is a Ping and when you said long and straight, I immediatly thought G10 driver.
I have owned most Ping irons from Eye 2's up to G10's and IMO the G10' are Ping's best irons. The Eye 2 + wedges may be better as I am still working with the G10's, but I believe the G10's wedges will require some grinding to compete with the Eye 2 + wedges.
In your opinion, what would be the easiest to hit and the most forgiving a 5 wood or a 2 hybrid both around 18*? I realize there would be some distance loss from the wood to the hybrid, but would the hybrids accuracy offset the difference? The club would be used off the tee and the fairway. Probably more off the fairway except on long par 3"s.
A slicing ball 10-15' in the air for 160 yards on to the green?
Give us a review once you are able to hit the new clubs.
Anyone have a picture of Morgan Pressel?
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